Okay, so I’m sitting here at Chris’ computer updating my journal. The last words I hear are from Kevin who dutifully commands me to scream out his name three times if I find any porn on Chris’ computer. The only thing is, I wouldn’t find any, and I ain’t looking for any. *L*

Oh, today has been so great. I have been so bored for the last week, and this was great. I got to work on my Morgan (Kittie) scream with Chris, and we chilled and wrote some lyrics. That was so good. I got here at like, 7:30am which is usually when I leave home to go to school, so Chris was all tired and not expecting me for at least another half hour. Poor guy. So he got up and I came up to his room while he played Zelda and I jammed on my keyboard for an hour or so. I kept jamming while he took a shower. Yay. I took a snooze for about half an hour until Steve showed up. Ohhhhh myyyy goooooooodnesssssss…. when Steve showed up I was sooooooooo happy. You just do not understand. I haven’t seen him in nearly two weeks…. that is crazy considering we can barely go TWO DAYS without each other. *sigh*

Everyone eventually showed up and Chris and I worked on vocals while they were recording down in the basement. They stopped and decided to take a break out and discuss the band name. Floating Point is a band name already licensed by a Danish pop band…and it was originally Steve, Chris, Kevin, Tyler and company’s band name, so now they have to change it. Poor guys. The Danish pussy band can be found here.

So now they have to find a new band name. There were a few options:
-Down Decay
-Stale Toast (*L!*)

Anyway, they went back to practicing and recording, when Emily Montague and company showed up. I’ve known Emily since I was like, 10. She and I were pretty good friends I think… I can’t really remember. It was a long time ago. I think so because when she moved I was pretty upset, and I remember being really happy when I found out that she’d moved back.

Mostly just practicing and recording going on. They’re doing the last song of the last set. Yayness. I’ve just been going crazy this last week over Steve, that much time apart this soon is not healthy for my psyche. I started to really freak out, which is never good for me. Anyway, I think I will go now. Okies? Okies.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/05/2002.

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