Okay, so here was the last few days, since I haven’t posted in a few. Yesterday morning, I had to go to Kitimat with Dot and Lesley to take in some touristing… (lame is the touristing.) We went and partook of a tour at the Methanex Plant. The tour guide was such a ditz. I mean, she had this horrible tongue stud, and she kept playing with it while she was talking and then licking her teeth between sentences. Bloody annoying.

Afterwards we went to the strip of stores that Kitimat calls a mall and looked around before we decided to get some lunch at Pedro’s. Now this place used to be one of the old greasy buffet Mr. Mikes places before the company shut it down for misconduct. This place is giving free advertising for Mr. Mikes because when they bought the building, they also bought the furniture… all of which have the Mr. Mikes emblem embossed on them. Crazy. Lunch was good though, except their iced tea was too sweet, and too small.

After that we went to Alcan to take the smelter tour… it was supposed to be 45 minutes, but instead it was 2 hours, so we were running late and had half an hour to get into Terrace and pick up Steve and Barry for the party. You know what happened instead? Lesley drives all the way out to Kemano which takes us until quarter after 4 to get back to Kitimat. So we were about an hour and a half late picking the guys up and I felt really bad about it. They weren’t upset, thank goodness, but the fact is that my priorities mean shit to Lesley, even though she expects me to respect hers. What a crock of shit.

When we got to the party, Steve and I set up our tent. We were chilling around for a bit and then everyone took a trip out to the river. Barry jumped in, which was beyond funny because he spent the whole duration of the party drying his clothes one at a time over the fire. (He burnt his socks, so he decided to just throw them in the fire.) Afterwards, we ate some burgers and hot dogs, some chips, some candy, drank lots and lots of pop. We played Friends, which was like TV Sitcom meets Trivial Pursuit (Chanandler Bong!) Steve kept calling out the answers for the girls team so his team lost…. hehehe. (By the way, did you know that ROM stands for Read-Only Memory?)

After that we all kinda chilled ’round the fire. My CD (which I dutifully named “Leather & Lace”) was an instantaneous hit. There is nothing like a CD with music all about sex. Nothing. Would You Mind? by Janet Jackson is the kinkiest song ever. Hehehe.

Eventually Steve and I retired to our tent just to talk and go to sleep. I told him about a lot of the stuff that I’ve been through and he almost cried… I did cry… so you can only imagine. *L* I am so ready to just go to the police about all this shit with my sister. I think I need to. I can’t mention her though, I just think I’ll have my case reopened. I’d go to court for her. I’d dredge up all that shit just for her. I need to.

Anyway… yeah. We then left the tent later to play Talk Dirty To Me… which is kind of a Fill-In-The-Blanks game with cards… funny shit. (And she stuck her hole through the hole… and they poked her madly…) *L* After that we chilled around the fire for a bit trying to tell ghost stories while Steve played some music in the background (Slipknot music on an Acoustic guitar missing its G-String is really funny). Later we went back to our tent and eventually fell asleep… although we were getting picked on a lot from the other tent… pervs. WE’RE INNOCENT!!! Lets just say this party was educational. I learned a lot about a lot of people. Parties are like short school years. You go in jaded and unprepared and leave all toughened and wised up.

Anyhoo… when we woke up this morning, people were leaving. Some were already gone. It was really cold outside too. We cuddled for an hour or so and then got up and hung out with everyone around the fire. Barry had slept on the bench all night. Silly man. *L* We listened to my shexxxy ass CD again before I had to go. My Mom showed up about 40 minutes earlier than she was supposed to. We took down our tent, got our stuff, said our goodbyes and left. My Mom drove Steve and Barry home (BTW… Barry…you need to relax and have fun at parties, thats the point!!)

(Did I tell you? Steve kissed me right in front of my Dad without flinching. STEVE, YOU ARE MY HERO! I LOVE YOU!) Steve grads tommorrow. Yeah! I mean, yeah that he’s graduating. I hope he can get back into Caledonia next year.

After dropping Steve off we went shopping. Wee! I got Halvah, Tacos and salsa, pickles and swiss hot chocolate out of it. When I got home, Steve had called me. Poor guy. I love him so much… all the fears are disappearing.




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