Allo Bootyful!

Whew… lots to do today. I have to clean the house bigtime. My Aunty Dot is coming in on the Train today. She’s from overseas and she wanted to visit us this week… so something is telling me that I don’t want to be here much… what with all the reminiscing. Not that I don’t enjoy my Aunty Dot’s company… she’s a great woman, its just that this house is doomed to become horribly British in the next few days. I have to look good 24/7 (which I rarely ever do… *L*) speak more polite and watch not to say anything insulting in British… (mehehehe…)

Didn’t get out to Chris’ last night. Oh well. I should have expected that Steve wouldn’t be able to find me a ride out there… hmm. That’s the one lame thing about living out here… whenever you want to get into town, it seems to be inconvenient to the rest of the human race… argh. Oh well, got a lot done… drawing again, took another shot at songwriting… I wrote a song that cuts down blonde pop stars (and those who end up blonde) like Mandy Moore, Britney Spears, Shakira, Willa Ford, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson… you get the idea. Drawing again as well. Took me a few hours, but its getting there.

I’m going to take a shot at sorting out my room as well… we’re preparing for a garage sale, so I have to sort out what of mine I want and what I find irrelevant to my life. Unfortunately, this means parting with a lot of things I’ve held onto for a long time, and have emotional bearing on me. Unfortunately also, all they do is sit around and collect dust, so I think a parting of ways is appropriate.

Can’t get Thursday night out of my head. I wish I could– but I can’t. Wish it was Wednesday in a very huge and profound way… don’t know if I can survive that many days. Going that long is like… holding your breath that long, or not sleeping that long… or not blinking that long. Its going to be painfully difficult… but I can make it! I KNOW I CAN!!!!! Steven… if you’re reading this… call me. You know you want to. [Insert persuasive mind altering substance here].

By the way, I’ve gotten a head-start on loading my website on the Internet, this is only part one, and it still sort-of sucks because none of the downloadable files would load… I’m going to have to put them on Angelfire and link them from there… *SIGH* So here it is… I have more Navigational work to do on a few of the pages… ChupaChica * Serendipity.

Here are some amazing pictures I found from NataliePortman.Com.

Anyway, more stuff to do. Lots and lots and lots… so….g’bye! I love you all! Enjoy!


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 06/22/2002.

One Response to “Allo Bootyful!”

  1. ‘ello ‘ello!

    A bloody Brit in your house?! That’ll give you something to cry aboot!

    Remember, tea and biscuts.

    Anyway, sorry for being a prick earlier.

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