Lets Turn This Dance Floor Into Our Own Little Nasty World!


I was over at Lis’ on Wednesday night… hahaha, dancing around like a fool and talking to David on the phone. Those two pervs talk about some SICK SHIZ man- bleccch. But yeah, we stayed up until like 11:30 talking about how pathetic we are that we miss our bfs all the time… then we fell asleep. Of course I had a bad dream affliction and woke up 5 or 6 times. That waking up with those horrible dreams… it sucks. I haven’t had dreams like that since I was 11 or 12…. something is wrong… I just know it. Something is seriously wrong.

Well, eventually Melissa woke up and we all got up and ate breakfast and danced around… it was great. Haw… but then we had to go into town. We went window shopping for Lis’ Mom’s birthday present. I really need to go clothes shopping… I think my Dad keeps throwing all of mine away… just because he is a pain in the ass. Hey, in the long run, its costing him money, not me. So I’m going shopping on Wednesday morning for some new clothes. (Not that any of you really care about my shopping.)

Then we went to Pizza Hut for lunch… buffet man… Tammy ate a HUGE SUNDAE! Wholly good. It looked like something out of Spielberg movie. Holy God. Sprinkles and Chocolate syrup and *drool* but then she mixed it all up in the bowl and it ended up looking like baby crap. Gross. *cringe* So after that I called Steve and had Melissa’s Mom drop me off at his house… Tyler was back. I was really worried about him. I’m just glad he’s okay. He looks so skinny… wow. He should be better soon. Nothing looks really that different. He kinda has puffy cheeks, but that goes down after awhile. He and Steve were checking out the computer games… the GTA3, and Jedi Knight. He got killed a lot. Darth Marlok rocks. 😛

Well, then they went upstairs to test out Steve’s amp… well, cuz I don’t think Tyler was here when he got it. Tyler’s has more effects apparently. For not playing the guitar for two months, he sure still kicks ass at it. Damn. Then eventually he had to go home… which was too bad. I haven’t seen the guy in ages. Steve and I helped his Mom fill up the motor home, because she’s going camping on Saturday with a whole bunch of kids. Mona is such a nice lady… hehehe. She still has back problems though, after her surgery she was told not to lift stuff, so Steve and I helped. Cynthia really loves her chocolate and coffee. She kept trying to bribe her Mom to buy some… *L* Steve is mean to his sister so I gave him a slap on the arm and tickled him lots. Hahaha. Memories… 🙂

After that we ate dinner and watched Evolution. Not even half way through, his Mona and Cynthia left to go shopping. We still ahem-coffcoff-hack-choke-wheeze-gag-Watched-gag-wheeze-choke-coffcoff-ahem the movie. Evolution was great. Funny as hell and lots of action. Aww sick, the dude had to crawl up the alien’s ass and blow shampoo into it. That was after the nasty earth-shattering fart. Awww and the poor guy kept getting forceps shoved up his ass. *L* Gross.

After Mona and Cynthia got home, we drove out to the lake and reserved a campsite for them, #27, right by the bathrooms. Yeah… then we drove back to my house and they dropped me off. Steve is such a sweetheart. I love him so much. *wink* Then I went to bed and had a decent nights sleep… the first in GOD KNOWS HOW LONG. Woke up– everyone was gone. Now I have to find a way to get into town for band practice and Chris’… urg. Anyway… going to go take a shower because I’m probably very smelly right now… and to wash my hair… grossssss!



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 06/21/2002.

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