Hola!!! LONG TIME NO E!!!

Wow, long week. Had to study for final exams and take them and all the bullshit nonsense that goes around ending the year with a pitiful wilting sound that makes you want to cry. I hate ending this year. It was the best. I had so much fun… wow. This was the first year of school I’ve ever had that I didn’t want to end. Then there’s the whole Justin moving and Steve maybe not being able to come back next year (I certainly hope he can.)

Had finals today. Stagecraft and English. Stagecraft was hard and stupid (sexist williams) and English was a breeze. Made out with Steve in the Accounting room at lunch (that was so unintentional… but with us it just seems to happen. ugh.) Then I cleaned out my locker and came to Barry’s. That reminds me… I had the infamous birth control conversation… which was totally something I had not intended on having… I was just bringing up my birth control comparison that I’d chatted to Tina about…. now what the hell— I’m going on the Depo… now I’ll be recieving a monthly shot to the ass. AAAHHHHH! No more once a month bullshit where I need granny panties. Yay! PMS… no more… woohoo. I’ve escaped the PMS.

Last Saturday Steve and I came to Barry’s to watch “Blow”…. not that we actually got to see any of it. *wink wink* Barry did this manic depressive “how much do I have in common with Johnny Depp” thing. Whew. Anyway…. this isn’t my computer, so I thought I’d update you, but now I must go. *wink* Best of luck! Have a good summer! Catch ya later!



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 06/18/2002.

2 Responses to “Hola!!! LONG TIME NO E!!!”

  1. I know!

    The not wanting this year to end is the same for me, I actully am ENJOYING school (well the people atleast!) it’s insane!

  2. yeah…

    Thank god school is out. With all due respect it was getting kinda.. annoying and sickning wathcing you two make out all the time. At least with LJ I don’t have to read about it.

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