Last Day of School

Wow… I can’t believe it. Its over already. I don’t want it to end. Caledonia has been such a blast that I don’t want to leave! I’ll miss seeing everyone all the time, not to mention that Justin is moving soon and I’ll miss him dearly. I do have to come in on Monday and Tuesday though, for final exams. I just got out of a wicked-easy English exam… part one of three. I had to write an essay about Toys and Tools. Mine was on the connection between infancy and adulthood. Now that is talent. *JK*

Chris saved me with a bit of heroism… I love that guy– he’s so cool. But, Steve is my baby. I love him so much– I would give my world away if it would make him happy. Like I said many times… if one day I was offered to be a bigger pop icon than Janet Jackson or Madonna and the next day I fell in love with a guy who worked the grill at McDonald’s… I’d follow my heart. Fame is nothing. Love is everything.

Anyway… I don’t have time to write much, so here… have this:

What time is it now?: 11:38AM
What is your gender?: Female
What is you name?: Kassi Michelle Thomsen
What is your age?: 17
Where do you live?: Somewhere, Someplace

\\Love Life//
Do you have a crush on some one?: Yes
If yes…WHO?: Steven Hawke
Have you/ Do you have a crush on a teacher?: Um… no.
Are you in love?: Most definitely.
Do you have a girl/boyfriend?: Yes! *joygasm*
Ever done “more then kissing?”: Yes.
Still a Virgin?: Yes!

Favorite Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Favorite Cartoon: Undergrads
Favorite Actor: Hard choice, but I’ll say Anthony Hopkins.
Favorite Actress: Natalie Portman
How much do you watch a day?: It tends to vary.
If you could star in any show which one would it be?: Buffy TVS
If you could star in any movie which one would it be?: Star Wars

Clothes: Hip-hugger jeans and funky shirts
Vacation Spot: Hawaii
Place to be when you’re sad: With my best friends
Memory: Too many to pick just one
Sex Postion: I’m a bad reference for sex positions.
Colour: Purple
Web Page:
Body Part on you: My eyes and my lips
Body Part on opposite sex: The eyes and lips
Body Part on SAME sex: Eyes
Singer/Band: Maren Ord and Born Into Kaos
Food: Pizza
Hangout Place: The caff.

How are you today?: Great. Nervous about exams though.
Anything exciting happen lately?: Busy busy business.
Did you enjoy this survey?: Its more of a convenient distraction.
NOW what time is it? 11:41AM

Have a good day! *wink* I love you Steve!! Good luck!



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