Pucker Power

MM. Steve. Lips. MM. Sorry- just returned from a rather mouthy lunch. MM. 😀 Nobody has been updating LJ lately, at least not the people I know. It must be because of finals. I dunno. Final exams suck, but none of us have ’em until next week. Goody. I only have 2 finals. One in Stagecraft and one in English. *bog* [Insert blinding hatred here].

Hahaha… I am a chronic tit pincer (that’s man-tits) and so Steve gave me an ultimatum that for every tit I grab he gets to grab mine. Hahaha. I wonder if he was joking. [Insert paranoia]. Yay! I get to go to his house on Thursday. I can’t wait. Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay. Woohoo! *thrusts fists into the air and clicks her heels together* I might go to Lindsay’s with him on Friday too because I have some shopping to do. More pants. (Go figure).

I would like to post an official apology to Jay and Eric. I have been slightly paranoid lately and insisting that they were insulting me behind my back, I swear I thought they were… so to you guys, I am sorry.

Art next. Yay. Art next. Steve is painting this PHAT watercolor. I start on my final project today. (Yuh). Steve just wrote me a letter in my space. What a sweetheart. It was so sweet. I love him from his head to his toes. 🙂

[Insert Time Lapse Here] This is a convo I had on Yahoo! With Barry. He is Foolonthehill123 and I am Sweet_b_star. Read on:

Sweet_b_star: *hug* You’re one cool chap, Barry
Foolonthehill123: Gratias. And you are a very groovy femme.
Sweet_b_star: Aww, spanks hard.
Foolonthehill123: Great friend… Intellect… Beauty… Talents… I should challenge Steve for you.

Sweet_b_star: And you, Charm, Intellect, Talent, Sarcasm, Wit, Intuition– Should you? *L*

Foolonthehill123: Sarcasm?
Sweet_b_star: Sarcasm rocks!
Foolonthehill123: Yes, I should. A battle of wits for the hand of the fair Kassi.

Sweet_b_star: Aww, so sweet. Barry, you’re one in a million.
Foolonthehill123: That means… there are 6000 others like me out there! ACK!

Sweet_b_star: One in 6 billion then.
Foolonthehill123: Now that would be romantic. Screw the old fasion way…

Sweet_b_star: What would?
Foolonthehill123: I will find a nice girl already weighted down and challenge her boyfriend to a duel. *L*

Sweet_b_star: With swords? With you and steve you’d probably duel with a game of scrabble *L*

Foolonthehill123: No, just any femme. Just for the fun of it.
Sweet_b_star: *L* Oh, so I’m not special anymore? *L*
Foolonthehill123: I would let Steve win, is the thing. Just by a bit…
Sweet_b_star: Aww. Let him win? I think he could handle himself.
Foolonthehill123: Then, on top an unfortunate droogie you two could gallop off into the sunset.

Sweet_b_star: *L*
Foolonthehill123: Anyways, it matters what the challenge would be.
Sweet_b_star: Thats so cute. I wish man, that would be so romantic. What would your challenge be?

Foolonthehill123: …hmmm. I must talk with Steve…
Sweet_b_star: Why?
Foolonthehill123: My challenge? Either wit or charm. I was joking.
Sweet_b_star: Ah. I see. *whew*
Foolonthehill123: Wit or Charm. …k. And just then I though I was weird.

Sweet_b_star: Whaaaaa-??
Foolonthehill123: …what?
Foolonthehill123: I lost the thread of the conversation…
Sweet_b_star: Thats what I thought.

Anyways… not much happening. *yawn* Buh-bye.


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 06/04/2002.

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