Filler Survey & Monday…

The Filler Survey

Full Name: Kassi Thomsen
Birthday: 05/28/85
Location: Somewhere Someplace
Where Else Have You Lived: Other places
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Shoe size: 10
Height: 5’11
Pets: 1 farm cat, 1 teacup Yorkshire terrier
Eye Color: Doe Brown
Hair Color: Chestnut Brown
Hair Length: Just below the shoulder blades
Ever Dyed Your Hair?: Yes
What Color?: “Passion Red” by L’Oreal Preference
Nicknames: Kass, K, Girl, Gurly, Pinky, Sweet B, Hoops
Where Were You Born?: The other place I lived
Are you a night or a morning person?: Night
Are you ticklish?: Yes
Do you believe in God?: I believe in many Gods
What’s your screen name?: Lady Hawke
Any others?: Sweet_B_Star
Do you have braces?: No. I was blessed with perfect teeth.
Do you have glasses/ contacts?: Glasses.

Getting Personal

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Singer, Lawyer or Artist
What Was The Worst Day Of Your Life? Too personal to post.
What Was The Best Day Of Your Life? Prom
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? I have a boyfriend
What is your boyfriend/girlfriends name? My boyfriend’s name is Steve Hawke
What Are You Most Scared Of?: Failure and being unloved
What Do You Think About Before Bed?: What I need for the next day
What Time Is It?: 7:40 PM


Movie: Where The Heart Is
Song: Jimmy Eat World – The Middle
Band/Group: Born Into Kaos
Store: Bebe, A/X, Sugar Magnolia, Chinese Laundry…
Relative: Older Sister
Sport: Basketball
Vacation Spot: Waimea Falls, Hawaii
Ice Cream Flavor: Cookie Dough
Fruit: Strawberry, Cherry
Candy: Chocolate, Sour Soothers
Holiday: Summer, Christmas
Day Of The Week: Saturday
Color: Purple
Magazine: Jane, Teen People, Rolling Stone
Month: May
Actress: Natalie Portman
Actor: Brad Pitt
TV Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls
Animal: Cats or Small Dogs
Saying: Merh! and Shizzit
Word: Shexxxy
Meat: Chicken
Pizza Topping: Habaniero Sauce
Smell: Gravity or Steve
Feeling: Anticipation, Gratification

This or That

Be Serious or Funny?: Depends
MTV or VH1?: MTV
7th Heaven or Dawson’s Creek?: Dawson’s Creek
Sugar or Salt?: Salt
Silver or Gold?: I like silver, but people tell me I look better in gold
Tongue or Navel Ring?: Belly Button
Chocolate or Flowers?: Flowers
Color or Black & White Photos?: Black & White
Sunrise or Sunset?: Sunset
M&M’s or Skittles?: M&Ms!
Rap or Rock?: Rock
Stay Up or Sleep In? Both– *wink wink*
Sun or Moon?: Sun
Diamond or Ruby?: Diamond
Left or right?: Right
Cat or Dog?: Cat
Mustard or Ketchup?: Mustard
Newspaper or Magazine?: Magazine
Spring or Fall?: Spring
A Year of Hot Sex or a Lifetime of Friendship?: Lifetime of Friendship
Happy or Sad?: Happy
Corduroy or Plaid?: Plaid
Sneakers or Sandals?: Sandals
Lights On or Off?: Off
Duct Tape or Scotch Tape?: Scotch
Pepsi or Coke?: Pepsi

Love Life

If You Could Kiss Anyone In the World, Who Would It Be?: Steve [Insert backflash]
If You Could Date Anyone In the World, Who Would It Be?: Steve
What Is the Biggest Turn Off?: Pain, physical or emotional
What Is the Biggest Turn On: Kissing on the neck
Do You Prefer Being the Dumper or the Dumpee?: Neither
Do You Think There Is a Person For Everyone?: Yes
If Yes, Do You Know Who Yours Is?: Yes
Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?: Yes
Have You Ever Been in Love?: I am in love
What Do You Think Love Is?: The one thing you can’t live without once you have it.
Do You Think It Lasts Forever?: Yes, real love does.
Do You Want to Get Married?: Eventually
How Many Times?: Hopefully only once

Random Questions

Are You Happy With Who You Are?: Yes
If You Could Change One Thing, What Would It Be?: My Procrastination
Who Have Influenced You the Most?: My best friends, loves and family
Do You Have Any Regrets?: Just one
Who Is The Last Person Who Made You Laugh?: Tim
What Did They Say/Do?: Interrupted my chill time in the car
What Is The Last Thing You Did For Youself?: Bought myself a belt
What Are You Looking Forward To in the Next Month?: Summer, camping with Steve
If You Could Go Anywhere Where Would It Be?: Hawaii
Do You Have Someone You Wish You Could Get In Touch With Again?: Yes
Did This Survey Take You a Long Time?: Yes

Well today was interesting… not much happened though. I was paranoid all day that someone was going to bring up the fact that Steve and I were somewhat all over each-other at the prom. Nobody Did, although Eric did mention that it sounded like the Prom was a blast, judging by the very important Prom entry. Turns out that Chris Rife convinced Kris Barnett that Barny had slept with a “fugly” native chick. That is so horribly mean.

Before school I chilled with Barry and Linds. Lindsay has a bad sunburn– Jessica’s is worse. Poor girl. D Block we did more literary terms, wrote notes with Linds… we watched the end of the movie in class. Atahuallpa died. He was so cool. Its sad. Double C Block was spent in the library doing research on the architecture of theatres in Ancient Rome… much fun. Not. More paranoia ensued. Adam kept staring at me. Creepiness ensued. [Insert disgusted and disgusting dry-heave gagging sound here].

Lunch I spent cuddling with Steve. That boy is an Adonis, let me tell you. What a tease, I swear to God. (Same could be said for me though.) One of these days, I am going to go to school with my entire neck bare and exposed… just to bug the hell out of him. That plan may or may not backfire. I will need a plan B and a recovery plan if plans a&b fail. Block B was spent finishing my watercolor painting and watching Steven start his. He’s doing a very cool watercolor montage of scenes from The Matrix. He should send his painting to Warner Bros. to be posted in the “Fan Art” section. Everyone was noticing Lesley’s cool vintage choker that I borrowed… very Princess Leia.

Block A was boring as hell. Wrote a note to Steve (Do you see a pattern here? Seriously, I cannot find a recent entry without his name in it at least half a dozen times). Did a review sheet on Chapter 6 Unit 13. Boring. Made fun of Chris (thats a given). We’re taking a field trip on the double block. Must convince Steve to bail from InfoTech. Will try… otherwise I will not see him that Lunch. Will be feasting on pizza at “the hut”. Anyway… thats it. Must go. Buh-bye.



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