Another test… LONG ONE!

New Survey

1/ Starting Time: 9:24PM
2/ Name: Kassi Thomsen
3/ Nickname: Kass, Girl, Hoops…
4/ School: Caledonia Senior Secondary
6/ Eye Color: Doe Brown
7/ Height: 6 foot 1
8/ Siblings: 2 sisters (Katrina and Victoria) and 1 brother (Jordan).
9/ Pets: A cat named “Velcro”
10/ Ever Been So Drunk That You Passed Out?: No. Why have you? Loser.
11/ Have You Missed School Because Of Rain?: No, I love the rain.
12/ Ever Set A Body Part On Fire?: I think Dylan has… not me.
13/ Ever Kept A Secret From Anyone?: There was that porn shop experience.
14/ Ever Had An Imaginary Friend?: His name is Butta and he has a curly ‘fro.
16/ Cried During A Flick?: I admit it. I have.
17/ Had A Crush On A Teacher?: No… but that seems a growing trend for boys.
18/ Ever Owned A New Kids Tape?: My sister did.
19/ Ever Had An ‘N Sync Or BSB Poster On Your Wall?: Still do. Don’t laugh.
20/ Prank Called Someone?: Hey… this is Duffy’s Tavern…
21/ What Is Your Body Fat Percentage?: At a nice healthy 21%
22/ How Many Stars Are There In The Sky?: Too many to count.
23/ Been On Stage?: No, when I sing, I do it from a seat in the audience. Of course I’ve been onstage.


24/ Shampoo: Herbal Essences
25/ Lucky Number: 7
28/ Summer/Winter: Summer! I am such a beach baby.
29/ Online Smiley: 😉
30/ Lace or Satin?: Lace
31/ Cartoon Character?: Cal from Undergrads.
32/ Do You Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: Yep. *blush*
33/ Favorite Mag: Teen People.
34/ Who Have You Known Longest Out Of Your Friends?: Aaron and Sheila
36/ Who’s The Shyest Of Your Friends?: Tracy Carrita.
37/ Who Do You Go To For Advice?: I get everyones opinion before I decide.
38/ Who Makes You Laugh The Most?: Everyone!!!
39/ Who Do You Cry With?: My Sister or Lis (you know what I “cry” about… hehehe).

\\\\\IN THE LAST 2 Weeks/////

40/ Cried: No… not that I can think of.
41/ Cut your hair: No.
42/ Made Someone Cry: Shaun because he has the world’s awesomest voice.
43/ Been Sarcastic: I’m always sarcastic.
44/ Missed Someone: Yep. (*steve* :X)
45/ Hugged Someone: Everyday man!!!
46/ Fought With Your Parents: Thats gonna happen no matter WHAT I do.
47/ Wished Upon A Star: I don’t need to wish anymore!
48/ Laughed Until You Cried: Yesterday making fun of Chris.
49/ Watched Sunrise/Sunset: I watch the sunset through my window every night.
50/ Ate a meal: Yes… what do you think I am, anorexic??
51/ Are You Happy?: What KIND of happy? *nudge nudge* j/k YES!
52/ Are You Talking To Someone Online?: Jessica and Amber… they think I’m Britney Spears cuz I was singing on voice chat again.


53/ God/Devil: Both, I mean LORDY have you MET my COUSIN!?!?
54/ The Closet Monster: No.
55/ The Big Bang Theory Yes/No: What??? The “Big Bang” huh?
56/ Heaven/Hell: Heaven! (Steve… hehehehe)
57/ Superstitions: Oh yeah. BLACK CAT!!!
58/ What Is Your Full Name?: Kassondra Michelle Thomsen
59/ Who Named You?: I did. Naw… my Mom did.
60/ Favorite Singer/Band: Janet Jackson and Born Into Kaos
61/ When Was The Last Time You Showered?: Last night.
62/ What Was The Last Thing You Said Online?: “Sugartit”– don’t ask.
63/ What Is Right Next To You?: Steve’s uninhabited computer.
65/ What Are The Last Four Digits Of Your Phone Number?: 2470
66/ What Was The Last Thing You Ate?: A bagel.
67/ Where Do You Want To Go On Your Honeymoon?: Waimea Falls, Hawaii
68/ Who Do You Want To Spend The Rest Of Your Life With?: *blush* Someone who can make me laugh and someone decent.
69/ How Many Buddies Do You Have On Your List?: 30+
70/ How’s The Weather Right Now?: SUNNY AND WARM!
71/ Have You Ever Smoked Pot?: Loser potheads. (SORRY ANDREW!)
72/ What Did You Do Last Night?: Wouldn’t YOU like to know?!?!?!
73/ What Are Your Fave Shoes?: Sketchers
74/ Dream Car: Mercedes-Benz ML55 or Austen Martin
75/ What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?: A SINGER!!! OF COURSE! Or a lawyer.
76/ What Are Your Future Goals?: National Conservatory of Dance and Bachelor of Sociology
77/ Fave Music?: Everything but country.
81/ Are You Too Shy To Ask Someone Out?: HELL NO!!! (I mean my relationship is proof of this.)
82/ If You Could Change Your Name What Would It Be?: Jeau or Jessa
83/ Have You Ever Been In Love?: Yes, and it hurt like hell.
84/ What Is The Stupidest Thing You’ve Ever Done?: Considering telling you what it was!
87/ Favorite Drink: Midori Sours, Cosmopolitains, Daiquiris… Mudslides
88/ Do Scary Or Happy Movies?: SCARY MOVIES!!
89/ On The Phone Or In Person?: It depends on the person.
90/ Lust Or Love?: LOVE!!! (It hurts like a b*tch and lasts forever).
91/ If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself What Would It Be?: MY NOSE!
95/ Do You Consider Cheerleading A Sport?: YES! (I once was a cheerleader).
96/ What Do You Want Right Now?: Steve… damn temptations. Ugh.
97/ Do You Want Your Friends To Do This Survey?: YES! Of course… I wanna know THEIR stuff!
98/Time Done?: 9:58, I type fast, what can I say??

Okay, so today is crunch time. The night before prom. Nervousnesses! I am soooo excited. I can’t wait! Steve got a suit from Moore’s and everything– he wants to get a tie to match my dress… what a sweetheart. I have to go downtown and buy myself a new pair of shoes (maybe some strappy sandals) and a jacket (the jean one in Warehouse One… Love… hehehe). Should have heard me talking to Barry yesterday on the net. Stuff about his bratty sister and sugartits. (Don’t ask.) Anyways… gots ta go. Love ya! *steve* :X (I was doing that lots too. Pissing Barry off. He wants a g/f) Anyway… GTG.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/31/2002.

One Response to “Another test… LONG ONE!”

  1. Sugarytit!

    Whoa. Nice survey. I am going to steal it to use on my DEadJournal, breaking my own personal mantra, course.

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