Steve is in InfoTech…

Is he? Yes. What is he doing? I do not be knowing. Chris is sitting beside me in Acct, bugging the living shit out of me… well… pretty well anything where Steve isn’t here pisses me off. I know I’m all clingy but thats pretty well how it is for the first little while when you date someone (unless you’re Chis, taking your sweet time with your girlfriend– and thats a good thing. Moving too fast is too… fast? Is there another way to describe it??) OOH! CHIPS! Thank ya Chris. He’s all excited to see me dating Steve (and then there’s that whole “get a room” line. Fuck off.) Whoa- I just about called Chris Steve. (Guess who must be on my mind right now? Hehehe). Chris is all: “I saw this coming” and “congrats” and “You guys are so cute together!” BITE ME! God.

This morning I skipped first block with Williams’ permission. Amanda and Cayley came with me and we went to Groundworks for some joe, and then to Warehouse One for clothes. I was such a pain in the ass. I tried on two pairs of pants, a jacket and a shirt. All of it together was $90.65 and I only had $75 so we had to mix and match until I could afford it, so they gave me a $15 freebie off of a $30 purchase… so even though I couldn’t afford the coat before, I can now. Dumbasses with all their dumbass dumbassness. The jeans are awesome, they have buttons all the way down the legs and pockets in the front, they’re stretchy and cute… but they keep falling off my ass.

The shirt I got is this cute pink verona tie-up shirt. I love it, its cute (don’t wear one with a black bra– bad choice.) Steve… if you’re reading this (gimme some sugar baby!!) *L* I am such a goob. Anyway… since I’m evil and I have work to do, I’m gonna go. BTW, I have art with Steve next. We’ll see how that goes.


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/29/2002.

One Response to “Steve is in InfoTech…”

  1. Oi vey…

    Good God, you are sickenly cheerful. There is NOTHING worse than someone who is happy when you feel like something that hopes to one day become shit. Meh. It’s better when you are miserable. We have something in common. And start writing again! God, I haven’t hear you sing one of your songs for AGES! Poetry. Fiction. Music. Just Write! MEh. My rant is over.

    Rebelliously Obideient

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