I Love You Too!

I am so happy. SO happy! Steve says he can’t wait to see me in my Prom Dress. I might improvise and buy a nice long skirt and a shirt instead, I don’t want to look like trailer trash or anything (not that I would, but I don’t want people to think that I can’t afford a new dress…) Steve bought the dance tickets and the tickets to the banquet for me (how sweet!). I didn’t see him until lunch, so I was a little bit bummed out for awhile (I mean– come on… I love the man) but he had work to do so its okay. School comes first, and he’s graduating this year– so I would hope that he would get everything done. At lunch, we went to the art room and worked there. He says I’m a little bit “distracting”… figure that one out for yourselves. Its not in a bad way (at least I hope not). He’s distracting too. He’s always on my mind, which is kinda annoying and great all at once. *sigh*

I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself when I move. I am going to miss him so much. I wish he would come with me, but I want him to do whatever it is he needs to finish here first so that he can just move down to where I am ASAP!!!!!!!! (Steve… I need ya!) Anyway, when art was over, I was helping him clean up and I heard him say “Kassi, I love you.” (OMG how sweet is that? Not that he didn’t love me when we were just buds…) I love him too… and he knows that. At least I hope he does.

I told my Dad about us. He seemed a little bit disgruntled at first– I suppose that’s to be expected… he always dreads when I have a boyfriend (don’t all fathers?) But now he’s dealing with it. All in all my Dad trusts my judgment, and he knows I am extremely picky about guys (especially about dating them) and he knows that Steve is special. Everyone should. Lesley likes him. She trusts me more than my Dad does… which is kind-of why I talk to her about boys and not my Dad (not to mention the overprotective vibe that he has). Anyway, I had a good Day. Aaron gave me 8 tealite candles and some Sensual Mood Oil for my Buddha Burner. My Dad gave me $75 for Warehouse One to buy clothes with. (I’m skipping first block tomorrow to go shopping thanks to the permission of Mr. Williams!) THANK YOU! Hopefully I can bribe Steve into helping me in Stagecraft after school if he’s free (but I won’t force him to.)

Which 50’s teen are you?

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I am 21-40% Ghetto

I WISH I was ghetto. I need to take them gold plated teeth and get some REAL gold teeth..

where are YOU from?|iced.envy.nu

Test, test?

Happy 17th Birthday To Me!

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