Too Beautiful For Words

I am SOOOOO happy! Omigod! Well, okay, here goes. The party on Saturday started around 4:00 when we went to pick up Steve [insert foreshadowing here] and then Barry. Of course when I got to Steve’s he wasn’t ready… what a drama queen *JK* He looked great and smelled even better *whew* I like his house. Its very interesting. He has this funky computer geek basement and a retro seventies upstairs… the whole stairway is wrought iron stars… awesome! Then he handed me my gift (which was awesome! He got me a whole video CD of Brit performances and two Denis Leary CD’s… funny shiz). The wrapping paper was stars too. I love stars. He even personalized the card… what a cool guy!

When we got Barry he was sitting on the side of the ER wall at the hospital… he had these two huge plastic bags with him, he looked like a crude Englishman. He got me a copy of Blood and Gold by Anne Rice, the new novel all about Marius. Awesome. When we got out to my house we finished getting ready and setting up everything (I was insistent not to let anyone in my shit-hole of a room).

And then people started arriving. Amanda and Aaron got there and Amanda got me a Buddha oil burner (its beautiful and now my room smells great). Aaron is giving me my gift on my actual birthday, which is tomorrow. I went around wearing a tag that said It’s my birthday, wanna spank me? from Amanda’s card. After that Melissa got there, Tammy and Jamie were inside the van, but they didn’t stay. Melissa got me a black lace shirt from Ricki’s, it’s so awesome. Lance came, he got me $20, which I spent on taking a group of friends out for coffee (which I got shit for later and I will tell you why in a minute). Tracy came, she got me a lot of candy, and Star Wars Episode I on DVD… (its awesome and comes on two CD’s… one is for the special features… the menus ROCK!)

Jessica McCooey got me a fairy candle holder and two candles, it is so beautiful I love it! Jessica Coe didn’t get me anything, but I don’t care, at least she came. Ashleigh got me a candle, a stationary pad, three pens and a picture of her. Dylan and Matt didn’t get me anything either, but they came too. Justin gave me three candles (one was scented Sensuality… which may come in handy in the future “heehee”). Mike got me a cute little backpack that his Mom picked out. He hates it, but I love it! Its so cute! I carry it everywhere with me.

Anyway, at the party, we started out listening to music and setting up tents while people arrived. When everyone got there we started eating dinner (smokies, honey-garlic chicken legs, hot wings, burgers, ribs… etc.) We also had a teaser plate of veggies and cocktail weenies (sicko… get your mind out of the gutter!). After dinner we opened the presents and they were all wonderful, thank you all so much!!!!

After dinner we partied a lot, music, Denis Leary, dancing… it was all excellent. Then I brought out the treats, a huge bag of candy (I TOLD EVERYBODY ONE CANDY EACH, AND THE BAG WAS EMPTY BEFORE THE NIGHT WAS OVER!) We did that until midnight and then we got into the tents and watched Spiderman. It wasn’t until the second half that Steve came into our tent and started holding my hand from across the tent… it was so sweet, he was stroking my thumb and squeezing it, and then he asked me to come and lay with him, but he decided to come lay with me instead, and then we watched Star Wars Episode II (I had my DVD player and my TV outside). After Star Wars Episode II (about 3:30am) Steve and I were cuddling a lot and then out of nowhere I just kissed him… and I liked it– and then he kissed me back. It was strange and wonderful and scary and beautiful all at once, and I loved it. The mood got ruined a few times by Melissa, Barry and Jessica. Melissa was talking about poo, and Jessica was faking an orgasm. We did that until 5am when everyone noticed Ashleigh was gone. She’d gone to Ole’s to watch the loons in the lake… so we all went over there, and on the way there I asked Steve out and he said yes! I HAVE A BOYFRIEND NOW!! I am so happy. He’s addicted to kissing me, but so am I. (Addicted to kissing him). Well when we got to Ole’s everyone was going swimming in their clothes! Ashleigh didn’t even have a bra on, so everyone could see through her white shirt. It was kinda the same for Lissa. Those exhibitionists. Barry went in wearing only his ginch (good thing I didn’t catch that mental picture. Nuts.) He keeps recalling how one of his nads went purple and nearly fell off. Nastiness.

Well, then when we got back, Lesley was up and she made us all pancakes. She rocks. I only had two and then I was full. Argh. Food. I was so full on Sunday morning from all that food. Ugh. Well, eventually everyone left and we brought all the stuff inside the house. Good idea because it started to rain. I told Lesley that I am dating Steve and she’s all happy about it. She’s glad to see me happy. Its a big change. Fuck Chris. He wasn’t worthy… but Steve? I am just crazy about him. He makes my heart all floppy and Chris could never do that. *sigh* I so don’t want Steve to think that I’m dating him because I couldn’t get Chris or that I was jealous of Lis… I genuinely care about him. *gush* I don’t want to let anything ruin this. He’s even talking about what we’ll do when he moves to Vancouver. *GRIN!!!* So on Sunday, Lesley drove Barry and Steve back home, I went with Steve because he had work to do at Lindsay’s house for a French project… we kissed a lot. A LOT. We still do. We kiss A LOT. He’s a really good kisser too. I love his kissing. MMM. Backflash.

When I got home, I went to bed at 3:30pm, slept until the next morning. The first thing I thought about was Steve *grin*. When I got to school I hung out in the caf. We all chatted about the party… good times. Then Steve got there about five minutes before school started… and we kissed lots, then went to class. All I thought about during my classes was Steve. *grin* For lunch I took everyone to Tim’s for coffee. Aaron, Amanda, Barry and Steve said thanks… Melissa didn’t. Its okay. I forgive her. She called me earlier and told me I shouldn’t kiss Steve so much– or in public. She says its kinda revolting from an “audience” point of view. Gee… thanks. How I feel about Steve is revolting. Right. I care about him. Who cares what you think? She’s not jealous, I’m just not sure wether to be mad at her for that or not.

I stayed with Steve after school to work on the prom set, and then he asked me to go with him. *joyful squeal!!!* When I told my Dad about Steve he didn’t say much. He’s doing that overprotective father thing. He thought if I were going to date anyone it would have been Justin! I don’t think so. *hint out to all you britney fans…* I have my dress all ready to go. Its the same one I wore last year, but I still love it. Anyway, this entry is long enough, I really should go.

=*K (Who is happy… sooooo happy.)


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/27/2002.

One Response to “Too Beautiful For Words”

  1. Wilikers! Someone had fun.

    I like your new icon. A gold star for you because you put someone really pretty as a Livejournal icon.

    Still no comparison to you’se face though.

    🙂 Bye bye (:

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