I Just Saw Aaron In A Towel

Yeah. I saw Aaron in a towel. Scarred for life. He told Amanda he was naked and she turned around to oogle at him. Sick. Its nuts. We’re having our Friday panty party again. Nuts. We’re going to go to my house and make some food. Chicken. Soup. Fries. The culinary possibilities are endless.

We have to be going in a minute. A quick one. A really quick one. Ah! Camera spot! …. follow it…. follow it…

Okay, so yesterday I got two items in the mail (a rare occurrance, unless it coincides with interims and report cards… downer). I was sent the latest Jamiroquai album (sucks!) and a gift from my Grandparents. I’m sending Jamiroquai back, and I got a pair of ‘Rain Spirit’ abalone earrings and a matching bracelet. Quite lovely.

I had a good day today. I’m psyched. The toga party is tomorrow (minus the infamous toga). Chris is skipping it, Cayley is skipping it, Lindsay is skipping it, Chris Y and Ashleigh are skipping it. Meanies. Chris is going to get me a gift in Vancouver when he goes. New headphones anyone??

Amanda gave me $5 in comic freebies for back-issues, but I want to get SWE2 on comic (four issues all together… UGH). I’m just going to download the picture I wanted from it. MAKE IT EASY ON MYSELF!!

Anyway, I can’t make this entry long (like anyone really wants it to be… right?) because we have to go. So… I’m going to get up now. (Mental try). Failure. Not working. Trying again…. not working. GET OFF YOUR ASS KASSI! NOW! Trying… oh! I think I’ll stop moving my fingers first. On the keyboard. Sickos.

[Insert Time Lapse Here] We had steak, fries and chili for dinner. (Yum.) Aww it was so sweet! Amanda and Melissa made me a cake for my birthday! I love you guys! I wanted to cry but I was afraid they would laugh at me. See ya tomorrow!



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/24/2002.

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