Aloha! Having a good day… I know I should have been honest about what I did on Tuesday,
but I guess I couldn’t really fess up to it without feeling like I’d be sacrificing my
scalp without an effort to at least try and save my ass– so I got that note off my Dad
for FBI agent Williams… the renegade Stagecraft teacher. What can I do? Its not my fault!
Well it is, but we won’t go there.

This is a long entry… not much written about my day, but survey and quizzes, etc. Fun fun fun. This entry took so long to assemble… argh. I love Aaron’s computer— cable… mmm. Yay! Anyway, we’re leaving at 6:00pm to go to Lorne’s for dinner. We still don’t know what we’re making for dinner, but we kinda have to babysit Mano and Jen at the same time… ugh. I hope Shareen isn’t there. She’s such a little teenybopper. It makes you want to cut off all her hair with a pair of kiddie scissors (I’m kidding, but she’s still a little teenybopper. In Iris’ words she’s “a hoochie in the making.”

I’m going to see Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones tommorrow at the matinee with my Dad. I hope it will be good. I am so Padme Amidala. She rocks. *wink wink* I called Kat… they all got my transcript next year… thank goodness. Whew, that could have been a horrid experience if they hadn’t been home– I need to get registered ASAP, because if I don’t, I am in big trouble.

% where do you LIVE?

I’m ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’! What are you?

Which Kiss are You?
Which Kiss Are You?

You Are A Chemical!!

This quiz was created by Kara

You are the Bashful Smiley.

Take the Which Yahoo! Simley are you test
By Foiledagain

I’m a PINK bitch.

Click here to take the Bitch Test

What’s Your Sexual MO? Find out @ She’s Crafty

The Survey

12 Things That Annoy You:
02// Animosity
03// Idiocy
04// Shallow People
05// Grudges
06// Cheaters
07// Liars
08// Hanson
09// Bitches
10// Followers
11// Discrimination (racism, sexism… etc.)
12// Haters

11 People You’d Like To Spend More Time With: (in no specific order)
01// My Dad
02// My Mom
03// Katrina
04// Melissa
05// Amanda
06// Aaron
07// Steve
08// Chris
09// Sheila
10// Jordan
11// Victoria

10 Things You Are Looking Forward To:
01// Dinner with the gang
02// The adventures of this long weekend
03// “all night long” >> figure it out
04// Moving
05// MY BIRTHDAY! MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
06// Year-end coffee house
07// Going away party
08// Welcome home party
09// Senior year
10// Inevitable fame

9 Things You Wear Daily:
01// Black lacy bra (or other color)
02// Underwear (thongs, panties, g-strings…)
03// Footwear
04// Discman
05// Hair tie
06// Make-up / Perfume / Antiperspirant
07// Clothes
08// Glasses / Shades
09// Jewellry

8 Movies You Could Watch Over And Over:
01// Where The Heart Is
02// Heartbreakers
03// Buffy the Vampire Slayer
04// Charlie’s Angels
05// American Pie 1 & 2
06// Scary Movie 1 & 2
07// Not Another Teen Movie
08// Anything with Jim Carrey

7 People You Have Kissed:
01// Sean
02// Ray
03// Moses
04// Justin
05// Steve
06// Mike
07// Melissa *L*

6 Of Your Favorite Songs At The Moment:
01// Britney Spears – Overprotected [Rodney Jerkins “Darkchild” Remix]
02// ‘N Sync – Something Like You
03// Jimmy Eat World – The Middle
04// Pink – Don’t Let Me Get Me
05// Craig David – Seven Days
06// Usher – You Don’t Have To Call

Last 5 Magazines You Read:
01// Jane
02// Teen People
03// Rolling Stone
04// Wizard
05// CosmoGIRL!

Five Things You Ate Today:
01// Frozen Yogurt
02// Burger
03// Doritos
04// A bite of Pizza Sub
05// Creamsicle

Five Great Things About Today:
02// The perspective of a long weekend
03// The student-appreciation BBQ
04// Coffee a la Tim Hortons
05// The traditional friday “Panty Party”

Five Things That Kinda Sucked Today:
01// Accounting (no internet, although we have SuperNES
02// Stagecraft (Williams- ’nuff said)
03// The really really really long line at the BBQ
04// Two bouts of nipplitis
05// Lindsay’s snot-sucking in English (yuck?)

Five Things You’ll Do Next:
01// Watch Gone in 60 Seconds
02// Go to Lorne’s
03// Cook and eat
04// Babysit
05// Watch Heartbreakers

[Insert Time-Lapse Here] Anyway, I’m going to go… I’ve been on here for about 45 minutes… about 9 times as long as I said I’d be, so g’bye! Love ya!


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/17/2002.

One Response to “Arriba”

  1. Holy moses, that was a long post.

    Bah, I can’t read it. Too many words.

    Oww…head hurt. Heart ache. Go die now.

    Heh, it’s okay. Really though, this entry was long.

    How have you been? I twy and IM on Yahoo Messenger, but no respone. How come? 😦

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