My mom just got a journal. You can see it Here.

Which Piercing are you?

I'm Charmed!
What WB drama are you?

See? I am a dream girlfriend. Proven fact. How come guys can never figure this out when I’m with them in a relationship? I don’t get it. It doesn’t make any sense. Mom… you’re my boy issues guru. You know and see all with the testosterone problem.

Not doing much today… can’t update at home, so I’m doing a quickie entry from here. Argh. I’m trying to make the invitations for my birthday… its not working very well. The directions are hard to draw and I have to fit them on the little square of paper… *tear* I’ll do it on the computer and print ’em out at home. Thats the only way I’ll get it done the right way.

English is a blah. We have double. Mr. Lehmann keeps reading to us in that morose tone– it could put anybody to sleep. Sad. Really sad. I finished my test. Wrote a great poem on it… blah blah blah.

Can you tell I can’t think of anything to write here? OMG! SOMETHING TO WRITE ABOUT! YAY! Steve is downloading all those videos I want for my birthday! YAY! YAY! YAAAAYYYYY! *cries in happiness* Steve is such a godsend. Gotta love him. Anyway… I am going to go before I give myself a migraine from boredom… so byeee.


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