The hell with ya, cuz ya didn’t wanna treat me right.

I am alternating between “Hi”‘s in several languages… I’ve been using Spanish for the last billion entries… LoL. So Eric got Lis and Amanda in trouble… actually it was unintentional– he meant to get them OUT of trouble. They were marked for skipping. I however signed out so I won’t be. Yay. We decided not to go to Stagecraft– a once in a blue moon kind-of thing. We had a sub (which we didn’t know- if we had we probably would-have gone.) Mr. Williams nearly never has a sub, and he can be so damn sexist. I spent most of last week on my ass because he wouldn’t let the girls do anything until they all started skipping class… then Cayley and I were all Sweat-shop girls. Cayley left on the band trip so I just didn’t go so that Jay and Eric might actually DO something for a change (no offence Eric… but I swear I shouldn’t have to yell at you. I’m not your Mom, I’m your friend.)

So last night at Amanda’s we watched Life As A House with her Dad. That movie is so great. I recommend it if you ever want to see a good movie. Its sort-of a drama, but its worth it. I won’t tell you what its about other than it is such a great movie. Its like a less psychotic American Beauty. The end scene totally reminds me of American Beauty. I see a lot of movies at Amanda’s.

Also, we spent about an hour and a half watching wierd Flash movies on Kill Frog. If you like those you’ll love New Grounds. There is a warning, however, that these movies and games are completely useless other than to make you laugh at the senseless violence. They are cartoons so no-one was hurt, but the influence to actually do some of the things in the movies is there… so watch and beware. (Mom… I don’t recommend it to you.)

My Mom doesn’t like my Journal. She says its boring. *blah* Just because she’s over twice my age. Mom’s. Can’t figure ’em. She does mention, however, that my Journal is perfect for people my age. (Well, gee, Mom. No kidding! My stress and teen angst don’t really spawn from bills and tax returns.)

I’m downloading Video files right now… all concert performances. Katrina wanted me to share a bed with her and keep my stuff in my room, because we thought that my bed would be too big for my room… but I traded in my bed. Sharing a sleeping place with Katrina is cool during the summer, but year round? God that would not be cool. I love my sister, but I need my own living space– ya know?

I’m about to go watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer on Space Channel. So… i gotta hurry. Luv ya, buh bye. KATRINA! WHAT HAPPENED ON BUFFY LAST NIGHT?



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