=*=*=*Stars! Whee! *=*=*=

Aloha! ****
Wow… I am so tired. Well- kind-of tired anyway. Yesterday at lunch I was supposed to practice my vocals for my songs and instead Amanda and Melissa wanted to ditch me to go out for ice cream– how nice of you to remember something that is so important to me… you really convey a whole lot of meaning there. No offense but when they really don’t want to give a fig’s ass about something– they won’t. But thats just people in general.

TYRA WEITMAN! WHERE ARE YOU!?! She was supposed to take my jeans today and turn them into a skirt for me!! I sure hope she wasn’t in the choir with Cayley… because they went on a trip this morning at 5am. I can’t remember where they went to though.

I give up on you Chris. I smite you. 😡 Evil boy. EVIL! I swear to God above… that boy is the most manipulative and confusing male on the face of the planet (besides Ray of course– conniving bisexual). He hits on me regularly, telling me I’m an amazing girl and that I’m beautiful and all that suck up bullshit– and then he tries to get into Mandy’s pants. Fuck men like him. #$%@^&! He’s also trying to tell me what I should do for my own going away party that my parents are throwing me. Don’t you think it should be up to me what we do at my own party? Yeah. So do I.

Christine tried to kill herself last week (one of my friends in Van). She swallowed an entire bottle of valium. I’m surprised they didn’t kill her. Fortunately Kat broke into her house, found her crashed on the floor and called poison control. Christine has a kid– I don’t know how she could even consider doing something like that. I guess she hit the breaking point. Theres a lot going on with her and her family– four months ago her boss tried to rape her, and well… then Ryan broke up with her. He blames himself, although it wasn’t his fault– he was a contributor, but it wasn’t his fault. I don’t know whats wrong with Ryan. He would never hit a girl, ever. He couldn’t hit me, or Kat– but he’ll beat the shit out of Christine.

I talked to Kat last night– for the first time in weeks. She’s never home anymore, not since she started taking her security guard course. She’s gonna be a bouncer someday somewhere all the famous people dwell. Actually, she already did one job at the Skateboarding Finals in Vancouver, then they had a huge staff party, and got about $500 bucks worth of Skateboarding gear for free. Kat got this bitchin’ pair of baby blue skater shades and she’s thinking of giving them to me. (Gee…)

*Tear* I have to leave my “OH SO COMFORTABLE” queen sized bed here when I move. I LOVE THAT BED! I don’t want to leave it, but its so big that it will easily take up three quarters of the room. *sigh* Life isn’t fair. Mom decided to snake back the basement from Katrina. That was our domain, our utopia, you know? We finally had it all nice and lived in and now we can’t even stay in it. It was perfectly big enough for Kat and I to dwell in, and now my room is the size of a shoebox. *Growls* Why me? Oh well- I’ll economize. I have to leave my dresser here too, because it is so bloody huge and I’d never get it into the house. I’ll probably have enough space now that I’m trading my bed in for a double bed. Its smaller than a queen sized bed, but bigger than a twin bed– you could call it a princess bed.

I recently discovered the “Closed Captioning” function on my TV, so now that I’ve seen all my DVD’s on weeknights using the “Subtitles” function so I can mute it and not get caught, I’m watching the few remaining VHS’ I own with the captioning on them. Some of the people who do subtitles and captions are really bad at it. Are they that hard of hearing? I think those people should be given transcripts and scripts to the movies and shows so that they can correctly caption them. Hey, even taped movies come with captions, how cool is that? I am loving my newfound remote function. (I know how much of a blond moment this sounds, but really… it never occurred to me that tapes may be captioned.)

Hahaha! My Mom can be such a sucker! I queued all my KaZaA downloads when I’m not on the net, because my step-mom has a few drinks before downloading her “golden oldies” music and singing off key like a drunken lout all night. Well since they’re queued, as soon as KaZaA connects they continue downloading, and she doesn’t bother to queue them again. She’s been downloading concert performances for me all week. I love it!

Video CD’s take forever to burn. I burnt a 30 minute CD and it took me 3 hours to burn at 16x. I don’t know how fast I can burn on FujiFilm discs so I keep it in the universal range… since our burner will burn at 24x. It takes 2 hours to encode the video files (well 14 of them anyway). I find that I have to download the files in widescreen format or else they don’t fit my TV screen right and they look all pixelized. Ugh. Fortunately all the ones I’m downloading were recorded off the TV.

Anyway… I better go before I start talking about stupid things like the weather. *sigh* Mm… my carribean chicken sandwich was so good. Yum.

[Time Lapse Here]
I wrote this entry in accounting when the internet was turned off… dammit. So I posted it in the Library during “D” block. Lis bought me the black lace shirt from Ricki’s and lunch! How sweet. LOVE YOU!



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2 Responses to “=*=*=*Stars! Whee! *=*=*=”

  1. Skipper

    Where were you three in stagecraft? We had a sub and I told her you guys were here, so you wouldn’t be marked late, then you never showed up so you got marked for skipping. I didn’t do any “real” work on our mountain either. I just talked with Matt and the sub. Williams will probably get all pissy on us. 😦

    I hope to see ya tommorow!

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