Compromising Pictures

*Evil laugh* Hola! In the past day I’ve gotten my hands on 24 compromising pictures… (nice bra Cayley…) I’m going to post some of them (only the ones that aren’t embarrassing… although the cool ones of Eric and Cayley in the gothic getup are a given and will be on my site when it is eventually finished. I want to dedicate a rather extensive picture gallery to my friends, who I love so much.

This whole thing with Chris has me so confused. I still remember the things I thought and felt… sometimes I wish they would go away. I wrote him the e-mail that he promised to instigate in October… suppose there are some things men just can’t be counted on for. Sometimes we girls have to do things ourselves… regardless of whether or not its fair. We’re stronger. We’re smarter in the ways of common sense. Guys think that theres a way around things. I get the feeling that Chris is only attracted to what I look like and not who I am. I can’t be with someone who sees me as just a body and no brains.

I’m slowly figuring everything out. People I’ve known for years are either holding onto me like super glue so that I’ll want to stay, or they’re pushing me away so that it will seem like I was never here. People who reject you for pursuing your dreams aren’t friends… they’re all fairweather. I hate that. I have to face the fact that people are going to change, and its ridiculous of me to try and stop the inevitable. As Mandy Moore has said once before… “The people I was attached at the hip with in school all too soon became those superficial girls we always hated and tried our best not to become. It shows you how petty people are and how you effect people with your presence and influence.”

If you are into punk influence and punk music and have a secret love for top 40’s music… then Punk Goes Pop is totally for you. Here is a list of the songs downloadable off KaZaA:

  • Yellowcard – Everywhere (original by Michelle Branch)
  • Knockout – Survivor (original by Destiny’s Child)
  • Student Rick – Heaven Is A Place Called Earth (original by Belinda Carlisle)
  • Stretch Arm Strong – Get The Party Started (original by Pink)
  • Slick Shoes – Candy (original by Mandy Moore)
  • Rufio – Like A Prayer (original by Madonna)
  • Reach The Sky – Sometimes (original by Britney Spears)
  • Noise Ratchet – Crush (original by Mandy Moore)
  • Nicotine – …Baby One More Time (original by Britney Spears)
  • Keepsake – The Way You Love Me (original by Faith Hill)
  • The Starting Line – I’m Real (original by Jennifer Lopez)
  • Element 101 – I’m Like A Bird (original by Nelly Furtado)
  • Further Seems Forever – Bye Bye Bye (original by ‘N Sync)
  • Fake ID – All Or Nothing (original by O-Town)
  • Dynamite Boy – I Want It That Way (original by Backstreet Boys)
  • Showoff – Borderline (original by Madonna)
  • Allister – I Want It That Way (original by Backstreet Boys)
  • Fake ID – Lucky (original by Britney Spears)
  • Thrice – Send Me An Angel

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    You Are A Mage
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    In other news, my Mom is on a rampage to keep herself busy in order to not realize that I’m leaving. I think its all a ploy to hide her empty nest syndrome. She actually seems happy to know that I’m leaving. Maybe its for the best that I do… maybe not for my benefit but more for hers. She gives me all these lectures about how I abandon people when I go to see my family in Vancouver once a year for under two months when everyone else gets me for the other 10… and it is such a hypocritical statement because she takes every god-given opportunity to get out of here and see her parents and David. I don’t think its fair that she gets to treat me like the spawn of satan and then do the same. I hate hypocrites. I come home on time, I tell her where I’m going, I ask before I go someplace, I do what she asks of me… and yet I can’t compare to my step-brother who has been arrested twice, lost his virginity at 12 years old and used to be close friends with a man who recently murdered an old woman by stabbing her 83 times with a hunting knife… now won’t you tell me why this sounds slightly neurotic??

    Also on the list of things that make no sense, Melissa’s parents won’t let her come to Vancouver with me for the summer… and yet they are letting her go to Yellowstone Park, in a country she’s never been to before to stay with a family she’s never met (she’s dating a guy over the Internet and the only bounds of trust between them are his word… which on the net isn’t very iron clad, if you get my point.)

    I woke up this morning freezing cold because I had no blanket… Amanda is such a quilt-hog. We stayed up last night to watch Quads!, Undergrads and Daria… then we went to sleep. I left the TV on 842 last night, which plays CKZZ Z95.3FM my favorite radio station in the whole world. Amanda and I got up, watched some cartoons until Lis woke up. Speaking of Lis, she’s been kinda down and out lately. I think its because she didn’t get her bid to Ottawa and its a big family tradition. She said it was okay and that it wasn’t really a big deal, but I can tell that it is. I just want her to smile. I think my “cuteness balls” made her laugh. Cuteness balls are her squishy cheeks that everyone always pinches or maybe its just me?…

    My Mom says that I try too hard to make the world a better place. Who says you can’t try and make the world perfect at 16? Nothing is impossible and everyone should try and do something… it just seems like I’m the only one who gives a rats ass about how people treat each other anymore.

    Eric is becoming this mac daddy… I wonder how he thinks about girls. All he ever seems to talk about is how hot a girl is, and it seems to me like they’re all just a piece of ass to him. He has this crazy obsession with Nejveen… and yet she likens him to Jack from Will and Grace… I’m sorry but I don’t like that girl very much. I’ll tolerate her if I have to… but that’s the extent of it.

    Anyway, I should go… not much more to talk about, not that it matters to anyone today. My life seems to be all about harboring secrets and stealing friends from people… so I hear. I’m an honest person and I don’t need this shit. Shout outs to Jessica… welcome back! I missed you! *big hug*

    G’byeee. (BTW Jacob, I got your message. Thanks.)



    ~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/11/2002.

  • 4 Responses to “Compromising Pictures”

    1. This is important.

      Kassi, this is important. Where did you get those pictures? If you got them from Caitlin, then that’s fine. But the copies she has are the only ones that SHOULD be available to us, because when my backpack was stolen a few months back copies of those pictures were stolen with it. Where did you get them?!

    2. Mac Daddy Eric

      Kassi, who in the hell is Jack from Will and Grace? I can totally understand how you can’t like Nejveen.

      This is how I think of girls.
      Girls that are good looking, but are bitches I don’t care for and, yes I treat them like a piece of ass.
      Girls that are hot and I know, I treat respectfully, and I comment on their… “attributes”, sometimes in a blunt way.

      Yes I admit I look at girls that are good looking and make comments, but everyone does it.

      And I am not obsessed with Nejveen. She’s cute, I think, but I got over my crush on her in grade 9.


    3. Hmm…

      Kassi, you know I think you concern yourself too much with the plights and tribulations of others, instead on focusing on your own. Then again, I have tried that and see where that got ME.

      “A visionary!
      Vision is scary…”

      The Soothingly Irratating
      (Check out my DeadJournal)

    4. Kassi, I think it’s great that you do your part to try and make the world a better place. Not only are you spreading good cheer and good karma, you are being generous of spirit and heart which is very admirable. It is important to take time for yourself as well as you embark on this important part of your life, but it seems like you have a healthy balance of activities. If you’re content there’s no need to worry. I am happy for you to be heading on your journey and though I will miss you I don’t feel you will be gone, and you are pursuing a dream that no one should begrudge you for. Change is the true test of friendship, and at least this way you will discover more about those you know. I wish you a blessed path and hope you keep such an open heart.
      *Lighter Aside*: Eric, Jack is the gay guy who’s obsessed with Cher. It’s cheap and assholish of you to view girls this way. Maybe “everybody” does it, but you know, you might want to tone it down a little cause people start to figure things out and not many girls want to be a peice of ass. How would you like it if the scrutiny to subject girls to were applied to you? You get what you put out…are you going to be happy with the return mail?

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