Whoa Nelly

Having a great day! Wow! Okay: This is yet again a friday… and as is tradition on fridays, Amanda, Aaron, Lis and I have dinner. Usually its at Amandas but this week we opted for Lis’ house because she thought it would be cool for a change. Tammy is upset- she doesn’t want to go to her last guitar lesson. She hates being corrected. I guess its a perfectionistic character flaw, but we all have one. Even I do. For dinner we had smokies and burgers… cajun ones. They are so incredibly good. I am so full.

Amanda is working on a comic book about Lis, Aaron and I… and her. I am working on one called The Tabukai… my name in it is Calisto Syng, Amanda’s is Nishi Chang, Melissas is Bishoujo Li and Aaron’s is Anashi Gourry. Its very cool.

I think Tyra, Eric, Cayley and I are finally on good terms again. A lot of what was said was completely misconstrued as slander, and that was something completely unintentional on my part… so we made our peace and said sorry. I think on that level we can all be proud of ourselves… to have the balls to just apologize, whether or not we felt like we should.

Chris has a huge crush on me. It’s kind-of cute and I guess I didn’t really get over him… its just the way he treats me. When we’re around other people he gets kinda perverted and testy (but don’t worry, I do the sick-mind thing too) but in private when its just him and me he’s a total sweetie. I’m scared that history is going to repeat itself. With Ray I liked him and he didn’t like me, then he liked me and I lied and said I didn’t like him, and then I loved him and he broke my heart. Well… its kind-of the same. I’m going to tell the truth this time and tell him how I feel if the situation ever arises. I have it under good authority that when Chris was drunk he was talking about me. Steve said he was saying things that he normally wouldn’t say. Usually he says things like “She’s hot” and “I’d do her…” but if it was something he wouldn’t usually say wouldn’t it be something like “I really care about her and she’s so beautiful?” I know I shouldn’t have expectations… but suddenly all those things I felt when I liked him started to come back. He asked Mandy to the prom though which is kind of confusing. I need some real answers.

Melissa wants me to stay the night. If I can get ahold of my Mom or my Dad sometime tonight before it gets really late, I’ll ask her if I can. I just don’t want my Dad to feel abandoned or left behind in the dust. He means the world to me– he’s my Dad and I love him.

Everyone wants to come to my birthday and everyone wants to get me something. Its kinda sweet, but all I really want for my birthday is for everyone to come. I love all my friends. UNIVERSAL HUG!!!

Well… in Stagecraft, Cayley and I finally got to putting the chicken wire on our frame. As I said in my last entry, Mr. Williams has commissioned us to make a huge 7-foot mountain… the first of four, out of paper mache, wood and chicken wire. Those things are so hard to make without ruining them. We had to reinforce our frame about 5 times before it stopped falling apart. …argh

Well… everyone is still waiting for me in the kitchen… Cream Puffs for dessert are finished. Yay! Mmmm… g’bye!



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