Why don’t they see?

I hate this argument. So far, quite a few people (and I won’t name names) are siding with Eric. Little do they know that he left me a nifty little message in my Email account that says:

Aaron and Amanda?!? I have talked with the guy, a lot of the “friendly” exterior is BS. He’s got a simple pleasure….Weapons, Racism, Violence, and Amanda…most likly in that order. I usually don’t like to avoid people, but he’s one of the guys that I would rather not know. And as them being together for a long time?! I doubt it. I’m surprised he isn’t presurring for sex or shit like that.

Now all these people are defending Eric and saying that I started it and that this is all my fault… well maybe I instigated some by defending my friend, who I’ve known longer than any of my other friends in Caledonia. Maybe I did that. But I didn’t write something on the internet that belittles him and who he is. You don’t know shit about Aaron, so don’t even pretend that you do. I didn’t start anything. I didn’t send Eric any pathetic emails and I didn’t leave any messages on his journal. Amanda has the address for my livejournal and in all likelihood, she saw it there when she was surfing. So don’t say that I did something I didn’t.

If you are just going to defend Eric and not come and ask me for my side of the story then you aren’t a fair person. I never disrespected Eric, I simply disagreed with him. I also apologized to him to his face today… so don’t give me that “I started it” shit.


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/06/2002.

One Response to “Why don’t they see?”

  1. WHAT?!

    I can’t belive you’re trying to pin this on me! I never asked anyone to “pick sides” that’s just how everyone feels and I happened to be the first one to speak out.

    And if your so tired of this argument then drop it, quit making comments in peoples LJ, quit putting things in you LJ that you know will get people pissed, and quit talking about it.

    I’m sorry if this disagreement over one, ONE, person ends our friendship.

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