Its just-like… WHOA!

Hi! I am in such a good mood. I slept in until noon and watched Starship Troopers. Last night I watched Angel Eyes (GUSH!!!!!) and Heartbreakers when I got home. Before when I was at Lis’ we rented Not Another Teen Movie. That was so sickeningly hilarious. THE TOILET SCENE WAS SOOOOOOOO GROSS! *barf* and the scene reinacting the Cruel Intentions female/female kiss. *GAG* The guy in the banana split bikini was nice… until you saw the banana lodged up his ass. *gross*

I’m sitting here with Amanda playing FKiss. We’re making dollies. Yay! The best ones are Miko and Ayane by RyogasGirl. She makes these really great dolls. I love ’em. I’m about to get off the net and make some doll pics with Amanda *frin*.

Then we’re picking up Aaron. Weehaw. On the way here he strapped himself down in the backseat with both of the seatbelts in the backseat. It was funny because they seized and he got stuck, gagging and screaming “rrraaaaowr” when he couldn’t get out. But last night, he climbed out of the front seat to pick on me. Buttasshead. (*thinks “what is a buttasshead??*)

My Mom sent me on an evil wild goosechase today. My real mom. Lets call her Mama. My Mama sent me on an evil wild goosechase. We had to look around my addy books typing in every friggin email addy I have to figure out who sent me this anonymous “huge crush” email. I thought it was serious, but it was my mama bein a meany. MEANY!!! DON’T YOU REALIZE I KNOW ABOUT A BILLION PEOPLE???? *my poor fingers, tired from typing* Luv ya mama.

Well, I should really go. We’re gonna come back to Amandas for din din and then I’m goin home. We thought we’d get rid of Lis for the night (kidding, we love having her around.) Anyhoo… LATAZ! (let the bed bugs bite where it makes ’em happy.)



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/03/2002.

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