I’m dealing. For once I am actually dealing with my life. With the way it moves around and fucks up every once in awhile. Things are finally just working for me. I don’t feel pitied anymore… I just feel more mature than everyone else… which beyond the fits of tears arnd the chronic anger management I’ve felt that I perhaps needed prior to now.

There are a lot of unresolved issues I need to deal with. Ray for one of them. I loved him so much, and he hurt me so bad. Even though I could care about anything to do with him anymore, the pain is still there. How I felt is still there. My step-mom is falling apart… I’m moving. I just feel like everything is falling apart and coming together all at once. Things are making more sense and becoming less bearable.

Cayley got mad at me this morning. I was supposed to be here at 8:00 to do some taping… but I can’t help it! I was at Amanda’s! I would have been here on time if I’d been staying at my house last night… but I didn’t.

Its break. Friggin’ we just had to do these stupid Income Tax forms in Accounting. Its bloody annoying. I am so bored I could just conk out right the hell here. Amanda and I talked a lot yesterday. She’s in love with Aaron, and he’s in love with her. Jess, Tyra and Cayley don’t like Aaron very much. They think he’s violent and has a possibility of becoming abusive. Fuck that concept. He loves her so much. He could never hurt a hair on her head. I can see those two together for a very long time, and if no-one else likes it, fuck ’em all.

Its finally May. My birthday is on the 28th! Other famous 28-ers: Jesse Bradford, Monica Keena.

I’m friendship charms!
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There are your quizzes. I shall update again. With a survey. *wink wink* There is a survey going around that I haven’t done yet so forge ahead I must!!

I’m going to date older guys from now on. 18, 19, 20… thats what I need. As of my birthday, I have permissive license to date a 23 year old guy if I want… but I probably won’t. I just need some exposure I think. Some time to step out of this perpetual shadow I’ve been cast under. Well, I should go. Not much time left to do that survey.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/02/2002.

3 Responses to “*frin*”

  1. riiight

    Um, yea, sorry Kassi but that was a concern of ours in the being of the relationship, notice how we left them alone and haven’t said anything… I don’t recall ever saying that any other time other then in the very beginning of their relationship.. soo.. Maybe you need to rethink some things.

    And when we asked you about it, we weren’t attacking, we were merely asking questions…


  2. So.

    Um yeah, shout to Ty to explaining it well – we never knew anything about Aaron before this year Kassi, and considering some of the displays he made, we would have been worse friends had we NOT questioned people who know him before he and Manda started getting together…
    Also… I’m sorry, but I was justified in being a little frustrated by you and Eric. Neither of you showed up, Eric was the only one to tell me where he was, and neither of you apologized. So don’t blame me for being a little irritated.

  3. Say WHA?!?

    WHOA! Cayley had every right to be upset, we BOTH promised to be there at 8 am. I wasn’t there, cause my alarm didn’t go off, I don’t think I set it. Anyway and Aaron and Amanda?!? I have talked with the guy, a lot of the “friendly” exterior is BS. He’s got a simple pleasure….Weapons, Racism, Violence, and Amanda…most likly in that order. I usually don’t like to avoid people, but he’s one of the guys that I would rather not know. And as them being together for a long time?! I doubt it. I’m surprised he isn’t presurring for sex or shit like that.

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