The Clouds Begin To Part

I’m feeling better. I think that maybe now I can start to just accept what people think of me. I’m not going to have an easy time facing up to the fact that I just don’t make the cut. I’m not good enough. Well fine. Whatever. I’m better than this. These people I called my friends once are just being children… and I don’t have time for some immature whiny little babies. I don’t have to accept being treated second rate by anyone. Thats not what I am and thats not what I’m about.

Guys our age may like Melissa, but guys 19+ like me… so I can be content with that. Guys our age are dimwits anyway. They’re immature and they don’t know the first thing about respect. I just had to face up to that knowledge and accept that. I can be happy now. Its part of the Buddhist faith that I let go of hurtful emotions and accept something better. Thats who I am. I’m beautiful and strong and kind-hearted and all I deserve is that in return. In know that someone slightly older and more mature can give that to me.

You never know what your challenges are going to be in life… well now I know mine. Be strong. Stick with your heart and your intuition, and never let anyone rise above you. Never let anyone make you feel less than you are. If deep within you feel like a good person, then you are. I have friends and family that are proof of that… and thats the greatest gift I could ask for.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/01/2002.

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