I am Kassi’s Medulla Oblongata

Hola. (I wrote Allo Allo… but I sounded kind-of… loopy.)
Anyway… just suffered a massive sunstroke outside. Blindness. Dizziness… the occasional conversation about Aaron’s dildo… *smiles* Okay… so now I’m indoors sitting at a computer I’ve just commondeered from Barry *evil laugh* Having a convo about my inner-pornstar (Barry gives a lengthy “Oi vey”).

I read a lot of my comments (YOU GUYS ARE CLOGGING UP MY EMAIL!!! ARGH! Stupid email and its stupid stupidness.) Amanda, Melissa and Lance are recording porn- whoops! I mean poetry. *smiles* My dirty little mind. I am so terrible. Must be the heat. (I’M NOT IN HEAT YOU LOSER! It’s hot outside.) So I decided I should post while I can. Practice was cancelled because the people who are supposed to attend decided their asses would be impossible to remove from the hot pavement. Its kind-of funny. Its like they’re pottery people in a big kiln, and everyone is cracking up. (This comment precedes yet another “Oi vey” from Barry. “IT’S ONLY 25 DEGREES!!”) Now I’m being critisized for dictating him on my journal. This comment precedes a loud belch… and more critical comments… and yet another earth-shattering belch.

Guys are sick. TIERNAN MCKENNA IS AN ASSHOLE! Okay. I had to get that out. Oh and TIERNAN MCKENNA IS A SKANKY WHORE! There we go. I think I am officially done. Its just that Tiernan has decided not to talk to me and ignore me to my face just because he can. Being ignored is like the worst thing in the world to me… so now you have a slight clue as to why I’m pissed.

My lips move when I type?? Odd little man, you are, Barry. *shifty glance* He resents that by the way. This comment is followed by rigorous rubbing of the face… possibly other places… *kidding* EVERYTIME YOU MASTURBATE, GOD KILLS A KITTY! THINK BEFORE YOU STROKE!!!!
(Barry feels bad for killing legions of innocent cats…) LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies laughing* Now he checks the time on a watch that doesn’t exist. After he decides that it’s almost 1:00, he realizes there is in fact no watch from his crazy uncle strapped onto his white little wrist. Check that- pink little wrist. (Barry’s contemptuous gaze burns into my forehead as I say this…)

Anyway… perhaps I should go. You are all gorgeous. Barry agrees with me to the point that he is vibrating in the chair.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 04/29/2002.

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