*Evil Grin*

I’m sitting here with Melissa. And Amanda and Aaron– appherently. (WAH!) Why does this always happen to me? *mental ass-grab* Anyway… yes, we have just had our meat *evil 2nd thoughts… mmm…* STEAK YOU PERVERT!!! That is so wrong. Nasty little person, you. Anyway… Melissa is a sexy biiiaaaaaaaaaaaatch. *long on the “aaaahhh”*

Amanda and Aaron are busy having “dry sex” in the corner right now… gee. I wonder what sort of protection you need for dry sex. Dry condoms?? Yes no? ANYWAY– I put hot sauce all over my steak. Lis and I are spending the night… not Aaron, although I’m sure he’d like to. DAMN PEOPLE READING OVER MY FRIGGIN SHOULDERS!!! AHH! QUIT RECITING MY #*%! typos!!! (AARON is questioning his sleep-over position… in AMANDA’s room… humping one of the stuffed toys…) DAMMIT! QUIT POINTING OUT MY FRIGGIN TYPOS!!! AAARRGHJDFOSTHP@#(!%Y@#%^@*#^$(@#^$!(@!$^!@#(*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay then… freakout finished. They’re way back there… (LoL) LOSERS!!! Muahahahahahaaaaaaaa *sigh* I did more gratuitous and useless quizzes for you to ponder over and try to figure out who I am inside (Like any of that has any relevant bearing on the chance of you ever getting into my pants… (you have a 0.000 quotient level and a 0% rating of ever getting a chance… unless you love me).


What Porn Starlet are you? Take the quiz @ 5tarla.net

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You’re a hopeless romantic. You fall in love easily and quickly, and often have your heart broken. You like romantic movies, books, and you’re always trying to think of some way to wow your honey. People call you sentimental or idealistic, and sometimes they even make some comment about they might vomit if they have to listen to go on and on any more. Phew. Some day, though, you will make someone very happy.

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I’m an evil black fox. I steal chickens and like the night.
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What Condom Are You?

Aaron is an ass-molester… he thinks he could do worse… like… a guy who commits crimes of fellatio… LOL!!!!! *long evil laugh* Anyway, I have to get towards the end of my update before Aaron sees what I wrote. *Relieved sigh* Is the secret Aaron-beating weopon a long ribbed dildo? Possibly… possibly not. I believe a dildo would get him to run away pretty damn fast… especially if you turned it on and aimed it at his ass. (LOL) Lis just asked him what he would do… he said he would go and sit down… (On what???) He would sit on the dildo? On his ass? On the dildo on his ass? No! BAD DILDO! Aaron’s gonna get me (with the dildo??)

Anyway, I’m gonna go now before I die of laughter and snort out my adinoids through my tear ducts… LoL. By the way, the dildo doesn’t exist… it was a figment of Amanda’s dirty little mind… from Melissa’s porn-toy collection… I’m the innocent pawn in all of this. Bye bye! (AARON IS A RETIRED PORN SLUT… kidding.)


*all typos recited aloud in this entry will cause severe ass-pain by Amanda’s formulated Melissa dildo to whoever said them… (Aaron… get your hands away from the dildo.)


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 04/27/2002.

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  1. Did you say steak?

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