Downloading more Kiss Dolls. I’m obsessed. The ones I got yesterday were kinda scary *scream* but cool. 🙂 I love kiss dolls! I have no idea what comments I’ve received since Tuesday and I won’t until May 1st… I apologize. I may not be able to update every day, although I try… because I LOVE YOU ALL!

This isn’t a horrendously large entry. Today I made the elusive Honor Roll at school. Hurrah! Hurrah! Wave your pom-poms and scream!!! My Grandparents are all “Holy! That is such a big deal! Whoop-dee-freakin’-doo!” And my Dad was shocked out of his cracker… like I could EVER do something right…. right??!! At least my step-mom acted like it kinda mattered.

I also have to get the whole crapload of info for my mom to register at my new school. (Loud unrestrained sigh). We’re reciting THE LADY OF SHALLOT in stagecraft… and BIRCHES. Great poem. Birches. Love it. 😉
I’m also reciting “Birches” in English. Robert Frost Rocks. I wanted to do a song but Mr. Williams says I couldn’t. We’re using the song “Green Sleeves” in the background. Cayley is playing it on her Flute. I was going to sing along but the recorder records in mono. CRAPPY!

Well, I’ve gotta go… stuff to see, people to do (joking). Byeee! Sweet dreams to the HOSHI (star). *


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 04/25/2002.

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