I’m back!

Hola! I missed you all! Vernon is such a great place. Its very sunny, and its like a strip of paradise where you would least expect it. It took nearly two days to get there, and we arrived just before Taj got out of school (losers who had to stay in and learn… muahahaha.)

He looks really great! Ahh! He’s all buff and surrounded by chicks. I felt a little out-of-place because he is so close to all these people I’ve never met… but they’re really great people! The day I got there (Friday), he and I went to his rowing practice on Swan Lake. His team is really good. They’re fast. Nick and I rided along side of their boats in the motorboat… I have never rowed before… so I wasn’t eager to try it. After rowing we went back to Armstrong, where Taj lives, and we went with Katie, Kristy and Kayla to the video store. (Katie and Kristy are sisters… their last name is Noonan, like in the book I’m reading. Freaky shiz.) I thought they were going to ignore my movie suggestions, but they picked 13 Ghosts like I suggested. That movie is freaky… I want to get it. The best part is when the lawyer gets cut in half.

Well, we went to the McDonalds, Taj ate some dinner there. There were these three guys in white hats and shirts and jeans… they looked like Eminem clones. They were shopping at 7-11 and yelling “You know you want it.” …yeah… like a hole in the head. Well, anyway, then we went back to his house where we ate again, and Taj couldn’t finish because he’d eaten already (muahaha). I didn’t though. Afterwards, we went to Katie and Kristy’s to watch the movie, then we watched Trading Spaces and Friends. Then we went back to Taj’s for the night. Alan’s bed is super-comfy.

The next day, we went to Vernon Square Mall and shopped for 4 hours. I saw Jonathan and Uncle James… Jonathan is HUGE… football player. Uncle James wanted Taj to drop everyone and everything to hang out for the day. I’m proud that Taj stood up to him. They have all these good stores there, I wanted to cry! Ontop of that, the ‘rents forgot to give me my money so I couldn’t BUY anything!! I was so choked at that. It was still cool, cuz I got to meet Naoko (who Taj likes) she’s Japanese and really pretty. I also met Stacy (who is mad that Taj likes Naoko and not her), I loved her shirt… it had a star on it, and words in the background like “twinkle, twinkle.” I also met some other people whose names have slipped my mind (doh!) When the four hours were up, we went back to Armstrong and rented more movies… Legally Blonde (which I am soon going to buy on DVD) and Jeepers Creepers. That movie was so scary I freaked. beatingu.

Well, we went back to Taj’s after some picture-taking and ate a late dinner. Turns out that Taj is kind-of a veggie guy. He’s different… and sometimes that made me nervous… like I was losing him or something. Like we weren’t talking enough. At one point he and I were best friends… and I feel a bit like I’ve been replaced. Occupational Hazard I guess.

Anyway, it took 23 hours to get home, and here I am. Slept most of the way back past Burns Lake. We stopped somewhere between Burns Lake and Smithers to sleep for 4 hours… Dad was bushed. Poor guy. But here we are… my sweet little cat was so lonely. I should be in school right now, but I stayed home. I was not prepared to dive head-first into a block of cement bricks. I have 4 tests to make up tommorrow. I am so not looking forward to it.

Anyway… I have to go now… no more time to spend with you. I’ll check in tommorrow for sure though, cuz I’ll be in class as per usual! G’bye!



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