More About Me… Cuz I’m Special

Part 1: Stuff…

If You Could Build Your House Anywhere, Where Would It Be?: Florida/California (somewhere sunny.
What’s Your Favorite Article Of Clothing?:Cool shirts.
What’s Your Favorite Physical Feature Of The Opposite Sex?:The whole package. *shakes brows*
What’s The Last CD You Bought?:Pink’s 2nd LP “Missundaztood”
Where’s Your Favorite Place To Be?In my room or at the beach.
Where’s Your Least Favorite Place To Be?: Anywhere that has crappy weather.
Where’s Your Favorite Place To Be Massaged?: Back
What’s Most Important, Strong In Mind Or Strong In Body?: Strong in mind is knowing you’re strong in body.
Whats Your Favorite Kitchen Appliance?: The stove
What Makes You Laugh?: What DOESN’T make me laugh?? A few things. Long list though.
If You Could Play Any Instrument, What Would It Be?: I already play guitar (flamenco), piano and piccolo.
Favorite Sit-In Restaurant?: NYLA
Scariest Moment In Your Life?: The car accident… I could-have died. (Priase seatbelts.)
If There Was A Movie Made About You, Who Would Play You?: Jessica Alba
Do You Believe In Afterlife?: Yes.
What Is Your Favorite Season?: The summer!!!
What Is Your Least Favorite Household Chore?: The dishes. (rrr.)
If You Had One Superpower What Would It Be?: Telechenesis.
Who Was Your First Love And At What Age?: Sean… I was 6… and I was seriously in love with him.
The Song You Wish You Had Written?: HARD CHOICE!!!!
Do You Prefer Dogs Or Cats?: Cats… but Dogs rock too.


Part 2: About You…

Real Name: Kassondra
Preferred Name: Kassi…. short ‘n sweet. 😛
Birthday: 05/28/85
Birthplace: Surrey, BC
Current Location: Terrace, BC
Current School: Caledonia SS
Current Job: Muahahahahahaha-*sigh*
Nicknames: K, Hoops, Girl, Kass…
Alter Egos: The diva (I get pissed like Christina Aguilera…)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown (Will soon be blonde again!)
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Innie or Outtie: Innie.
Religion: Arian Buddhism (Jess… you rock).


Part 3: What’s Your Favorite…?

Color: Blue, Purple and Red.
Slushy Flavor: Peach
Book: Stephen King’s Bag of Bones
Magazine: CosmoGIRL! and Teen People
Weekend Activity: Sleeping… partying… shopping…
Holiday: Christmas.
Perfume/Cologne: Ming Shu by Yves Rocher.
Roller Coaster: The Rock… PNE style.
Cereal: Hard choice… CORN POPS.
Snack: Tacos and Salsa.
Board Game: Talk Dirty To Me.
Card Game: Suck’n’Blow


Part 4: Who is…?

The Prettiest Person You Know: All the girls are gorgeous… baby!
The Wierdest Person You Know: Melissa
The Funniest Person You Know: Everyone… its a group dynamic.
The Loudest Person You Know: Jessica and Tyra
The Quietest Person You Know: Ashleigh (I dunno why though).
The Sweetest Person You Know: Drew *blush* and Shaun *giggle*
The Sorriest Person You Know: Tyler.
The Scariest Person You Know: Jasmine… that toxic waste, tar-makeup BITCH.
The Sexiest Person You Know: “J”
The Sneakiest Person You Know: Felicia.
Your Best Friend: I can’t narrow it down to just a few dozen… sorry.
The Person Who Knows The Most About You: Katrina
The Person You Hate The Most: Becky “I-am-a-whore-and-I-fucked-the-teachers” Godfrey
The Person You Love Most In The World Right Now: My kitty.
Your Current Crush: Right… like in the last week I’ve found someone worthy of me… muahaha.
Who Is The Best Person To Talk To: Katrina… or the group… *whines*
Who’s The Best To Talk Online With: Terry Gardy.
Who’s The Most Blonde?: In reality… Jessica. Personality-wise… Travis.
Who’s The Craziest?: Ali… schizaphroid dynamic much?!
Loudest Laugher: Tyra and Jessica… probably Jessica. Unless you poke Melissa *heehee*
Smartest: Everybody!!!
Quickest: In what? *shifty glance* You dirty little man.
Most Trustful: Melissa, Sheila, Taj and Katrina.
Most Honest: The most truthful ones.
Most Cheerful: Me and Katrina.
Easiest To Talk to: Katrina


Part 5: What is…?

Your Most Overused Phrase On Messenger?: DAVID!!!!!!!!!!
The First Thing You Thought When You Woke Up This Morning: Whose in the house??!!
The Last Image/Thought You Got To Sleep With?: BUT I’M NOT TIRED!
The Wussiest Sport: Hunting. You fucks.
The Song That Best Describes You?: Letters To Cleo – Dangerous Type
Your Best Feature: The whole package is great (mostly my voice.)
Your Bedtime: Whenever the sleepy ghosties take me away.
Your Greatest Fear: Losing my loved ones.
Your Greatest Accomplishment: Overcoming my torrid past.
Inside Jokes: “Um… yeeaaahhhh….”


Part 6: Which Do You Prefer?

Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi: There’s a reason they call it Coke… IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!
McDonald’s or Burger King: Burger King
Single or Group Dates: Single Dates are better… group dates are cool too.
Adidas or Nike: Nike Shoes, Adidas Clothes.
Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Fingers?: “Chicken Nuggets” sound sick… but you must wonder… do chickens have fingers??
Rugrats or Doug: Rugrats *giggle*
Single or Taken: Taken… but only by a worthy man.
Monica or Brandy: Brandy. “What about US?!”
Tupac or Jay-Z: Tupac.
Shania Twain or LeAnn Rhymes: LeAnn… cuz Shania’s boots have been under EVERYONE’S beds.
AeroSmith or Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Aerosmith.
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Hard Choice.
One Pillow or 2?: 2 pillows!
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate!
Hot Chocolate or Hot Cocoa: Hot Chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee?: Cappuccino… (but I like Mochaccino’s better).
Drink With Or Without IceCubes?: My drinks are pre-chilled.
Boxers or Briefs: I don’t wear ’em… but on a guy, either/or.
Give or Recieve: What is being given/recieved here???


Part 7: Do You…?

Take A Shower Everyday: No… but close.
Think You’ve Been In Love: Yes.
Want To Go To College: I start in September as a pre-grad.
Like High-School: Yes… much better with different rooms for each class.
Want To Get Married: Eventually.
Type With Your Fingers on the Right Keys: Thats for people who CARE about simple stuff like that.
Believe in God: I believe in Numerous Gods.
Have Any Tattoos/Where?: Not yet… but soon. 4 tattoos/back, shoulder, toe and hip.
Have Any Piercings/Where?: Ears… getting one in my bellybutton.
Get Motion Sickness: Not very often.
Think You’re A Health-freak?: About some things… not all things.
Get Along With Your Parents?: Which set of parents are you referring to?
Like Thunderstorms?: Yes.


Part 8: What Do You Think Of The Opposite Sex?

Best Eye-Color: Blue
Best Hair-Color: Nothing specific… but I have a weakness for blondes.
Best Height: My height or taller.
Best Wheight: Buff not gangly.
Best Articles of Clothing: Snug sweaters.
First Date Location?: A basketball game, and then wherever we go next is a surprise!!
Best First-Kiss Location?: On the lips… hahaha.
Describe Your Dream Mate?: Honest, Friendly, Funny, Sweet, Independant, Supportive, Achiever, Optimist, Hard-working…


Part 9: Other…

What Do You Wear To Bed?: PJ’s (shorts and a t-shirt.)
When’s The Last Time You Slept With A Stuffed Animal?: When I was three?
Have You Ever Played the Ouija Board?: Yes.
How Many Rings ‘Til You Answer The Phone?: However many it takes for me to find it?
What’s On Your Mousepad?: The Canadian Flag.
How Many Houses Have You Lived In?: 6
How Many Schools Have You Gone To?: 7
What Color Is Your Bedroom Carpet?: Tan… like sand on the beach.
Would You Shave Your Head For $5000?: No.
If You Were Stranded On A Desert Island and Could Only Take Three Things, What Would They Be?: My House (with all my stuff inside), My Friends and a Cruise Ship (full of fuel).


Part 10: Either-Or…

Music/TV: Music
Guys/Girls: Guys… but having girls as friends is cool.
Green/Blue: Blue
Pink/Purple: Purple
Sleep/StayUp: Stay up.
Summer/Winter: Summer
Spring/Fall: Spring
Night/Day: Night.
Hangin Out/Chillin: Chillin’.
Friends/Lovers: Both.
Cold/Warm: Warm
Fast/Slow: Fast cars… slow -ahem-.
New/Old: New.
Dark/Light: Light.
Sparkle/Shine: *SPARKLE*
Peach/Plum: Peach
Apple/Orange: Orange
Laundry/Dishes: Clean Laundry
Christina/Britney: Britney
Limp Bizkit/KoRn: Limp Bizkit
Rock/Rap: Rock


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