I’m sorry… Just trying to live my life…

I have finally decided which song I am going to do for the year-end coffee house in June. Thanks to Lindsay Smaha (no journal buds… sorry!!!) I have chosen:
Before Goodbye
I Run Away

What U See (Is What U Get)

I hope all goes well. I dunno but if I can’t sing Before Goodbye (the vocals might not have cancelled out completely) then I will be singing When I Found You. Its a really great song. They’re produced by BT (Brian Transeau) who mostly does songs that are techno/trance except with a lot of acoustic instruments like guitar and violin. Its very cool. I believe for every heart that whispers in the dark, there’s a ray of light somewhere shining through… I love it. He’s very descriptive, and it gives this out-of-body feeling to his music. A life unfolds, and no-one knows, I thought love was just a tingling of the skin… Its very cool, and I hope we win. I’m mixing the final track together so we can do this kind-of skit thing between songs to help melt them together like singers do at their concerts (think Jessica Simpson in the Dreamchaser tour.)

I auditioned last night. I had 3 hours on the internet and I used them to sing at the World Wide Talent Search on Yahoo! They really like me. They broadcast the live chat on the radio for talent scouts to listen to, and if they find someone they like, they send a message to the room leaders to pick out the chatters. I didn’t get picked yet… :(.

Omigod!!! Ahhhhh!CBC VANCOUVER GOT MY PRESS KIT!!! *cheers enthusiastically* I love those guys. They are gods among petty children (muahahaha). Kidding… its a mainstream Canadian channel. I don’t really watch it all that often, but they held a contest called The Great Canadian Music Dream. I entered. If I win, I get my own TV spot and a radio show. Yay!! *claps hands together*

Skyler just came in here. I can’t believe I liked that guy. Okay, so the man is a total honey… but he’s such an ass. I told him I liked him… was completely decent to him and he didn’t give me the time of day. Then after I decided to give up and that he wasn’t worthy of me. That dumbass decides to get interested… like NOW I’m gonna give him the time of day after I practically cut off my tastebuds to get him to clue in. Like I am going to bend over backwards for him after he was such a clueless asshole to me. Right. He has chicken-legs. Its funny. Honestly. I cannot believe that guy. He lets the peroxide go right to his brain… (or what sorry excuse he HAS for a brain).

OMG I am so hungry. I had a bagel for breakfast and now my stomach is acting up. Feed me… FEED ME! I am going to have such a great weekend. I just know I will. I know it. I know it and I love it. *wink wink* I’m leaving at 6am tommorrow morning, and we stop in Prince George for lunch to say “hey” to the family… (the bonus is: I get stuff all the time from them… the minus is: the endless humming of a 70 year old woman who can’t hear.) It’s not that I don’t care… because I really do… its just that they are terribly biased because they aren’t too fond of my father… and he isn’t too fond of them. Lets just put it that way.

I found out that my Step-mother got a cyst drained from her breast last week. They’re doing tests to figure out if its cancerous or not… chances are it will be. Breast cancer runs in her family… and she’s been a smoker (chain-smoker) for 30 years. She only just quit, and still… she likes the booze. I dunno why the hell she does it. She’s putting herself into an early and undeserved grave.

Anyway… Taj works at McDonald’s. He flips burgers. He’s also a model for Abercrombie and Fitch. I love my cousin. We’ve been best friends since we were born. Whenever I sing a Britney Spears song to him, he always thinks I’m playing a CD!!! (LoL) I’m telling you I sound like her… no debating. People tell me all the time. They can’t tell the difference. I’ve had people ask for my autograph before and call me Britney and ask me all these questions about her that I couldn’t possibly answer. I’m also a big fan of Selena.

Ella murió en 1995, cuando ella era el disparo a la muerte por Yolanda Saldivar. Odio esa mujer. ¡Primero ella malversaba dinero de Selena, entonces cuando ella obtuvo agarrado, ella la DISPARO! Odio esa mujer con una pasión, y yo espero que ella gaste su vida atrás esas barras.

There’s a really great Selena website you should check out. My friend Sandra in Norway runs it. The site is called Tejano-Angel. Visit it, sign the guestbook… be inspired.

Anyway, I’ve really got to go… but I will try and access the internet when I get the chance… I might drop a line out later tonight… if not… BYE BYE! I’LL MISS YOU!

!Bon Voyage!



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One Response to “I’m sorry… Just trying to live my life…”

  1. Kassi’s Friend

    Hey all of Kassi’s friends….IM TAJ! The infamous one she’s been talking about… n e ways…. just wanted to tell ya all she left my house this morning (7am) to go back home. I live in Vernon…. it’s sooo lovely here! 😉 But n e ways…. she left so i just thought id tell ya guys! K? Peace out!


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