Bombastic Me!!!

Journal Survey

Name: Kassondra Michelle Staschuk (Although I go by Thomsen)
D.O.B: 05/28/85
Location: Terrace
Religion: Arian Buddhism
Occupation: Student (Although desperately searching for a job).

Hair: Long, Brown (I soon will be blond again) and curly.
Eyes: Doe Brown
Height: 6’1″ tall!
Figure: Girly and athletic (think Jessica Simpson)

Clothing: Casual and girly, sometimes sporty.
Music: Everything but country
Make-up: Eyeliner, eye shadow and lip gloss (Bonne Bell and NYC)
Body Art: A Mermaid Tattoo (on my back), Fairy Tattoo (On my shoulder) Rose Tattoo (On my big toe) and a shooting star tattoo (on my ankle.)

Wearing: Bebe Blue V-neck shirt and Gasoline Hipster flares… also Puma sneaks.
Listening To: India.Arie’s LP Acoustic Soul
Thinking of: Leaving to visit Taj!!!
Feeling: Stressed and tired.

Bought: NYC Watermelon Lipglass… and a copy of the new Rolling Stone
Did?: Got out of doing nothing in art class.
Ate and Drank: Bagel/Fajita Chicken and Strawberry/Cranberry juice.
Read: Stephen King’s Bag Of Bones.
Watched on TV: Friends.

Club or Houseparty: Club
Tea or Coffee: Green Tea
High Achiever or Slacker: High-Achiever
Beer or Cider: Cider (BEER SUCKS!)
Drinks or Shot: Drinks (I never did shots).
Cats or Dogs: BOTH!!! (DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!)
Single or Taken: Single and looking.
Pen or Pencil: Depends.
Gloves or Mittens: Gloves
Food or Candy: Food!
Cassette or CD: CD!!! (No damn tapes!)
Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi! PEPSI!!! Coke leaves this gross film on your teeth!.
Hard or Mild Alcohol: Mild.
Matches or Lighter: Whatever’s Handy.
Sunset Beach or The Bold and the Beautiful: Sunset Beach (Gorgeous men).
Ricki Lake or Oprah: Oprah (so I can mock my Dad) but I prefer Rosie.

Kill: No-one. I am not down with the homicide.
Shag: JRT… ’nuff said.
Hear From: Katrina! Kat! Kat! Kat!
Get Really Wasted With: No-one.
Tickle: Victoria… KooshMonkey!!
Look Like: Shakira or Britney Spears
Be Like: ME!!!!
Avoid: My Step-Mom

Food: Pepperoni Pizza
Drink: Pepsi, Iced Tea and Water
Color: Blue, Red and Purple
Shoes: My cute strappy sandals!
Site: Dammit! I like more than one bloody site!
Dance: All the modern/hip-hop dances I know.
Song: I have a million favorite songs.
Vegetable: Cauliflower
Fruit: Strawberries or Cherries

Touched: I can’t remember.
Talked To: My step-mom
Hugged: My kitty
Instant Messaged: Drew_In_Full_Force
Kissed: My kitty’s nose.
Who Broke Your Heart: No comment.

Eat: Places people eat at (NYLA!!!)
Dance: Everywhere.
Cry: Into my fluffy throw-pillow on my bed.
Wish You Were: Partying down in Florida.

IceCream: Chocolate!!
Movie: Where The Heart Is (I’m waiting to see another GREAT one).
Channel: MuchMusic/MTV
T.V Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Gilmore Girls
Animal: Cat
Country: Canada (I stay true to my home.)
Brand Of Clothing: I have so many favorites!
Clothing Store: Off The Wall/Suzy Shier
Band/Group: ‘N Sync/Born Into Kaos
Theme: Uhhh… what??!!
Song To A Movie: Martina McBride – There You Are
Playground Equipment: Swings
Thing to Wear: Cool shirts/Cool pants. Anything new and original.
Jewelry To Wear: My claddagh ring. (And my claddagh toe ring.)
Place To Be: In the rain.
Sport to Watch: Basketball.
Sport to Play: Basketball/Soccer
Number: 7
Flower: Roses (White or Red).

Dated One Of Your Best Friends?: Yes… and screw you for reminding me.
Loved Someone So Much It Made You Cry?: Yes.
Drank Alcoho?: Yes, but not regularly.
Done Drugs?: No. Loser. Muahahaha.
Broken the Law?: Yes (but it wasn’t really bad.)
Ran Away From Home?: Twice (when I was 6).
Broken a Bone?: Never.
Cheated On A Test?: No… I’m smart and have no need to.
Skinny Dipped?: Yeah *giggles* It was fun.
Played Truth Or Dare?: Who HASN’T?
Flashed Someone?: No, but I’m not ruling it out.
Mooned Someone?: No… that one I’m ruling out.
Kissed Someone You Didn’t Know?: Know… (cheap tramp… muahaha).
Been On a Talk Show/Game Show?: Battle of the Sexes.
Been In A Fight? As In Throwing Fists?: Violence is for losers.
Ridden In A Firetruck?: Twice.
Been On A Plane?: About a billion times.
Come Close To Dying?: A few times.
Cheated On Your Boy/Girlfriend?: Hell no.
Gave Someone A Piggy Back/Shoulder Ride?: Of course I have.
Eaten A Worm/Mud Pie?: Gross. No.
Kissed Someone?: Yes. (I like kissing.)
Swam In The Ocean?: Frequently. It used to be my front yard.
Had A Nightmare/Dream That Woke You Up?: Yes.

The Most Embarrassing CD In Your Collection?: Some of the soundtracks.
Your Bedroom Like?: Nice and lived in.
Your Favorite Thing For Breakfast?: Frozen Yogurt.
Your Favorite Thing For Lunch?: A sub sandwich.
Your Favorite Thing For Dinner?: Pizza or Pasta.
What Is Your House Like?: A vacation cabin for two.
Your Favorite Restaurant?: NYLA.
Your Religion (If Any)?: Arian Buddhist… didn’t you already ask this?

A Vegetarian?: No. I cannot live without chicken and pork in my life.
A Good Student?: Yes.
Good At Sports?: Somewhat.
A Good Singer?: Hell yeah! (I’ve been told I surpass Britney)
A good Actor/Actress?: Hell yeah! (Not as good as the singing though.)
A Deep Sleeper?: I could sleep through a flood.
A Good Dancer?: Hell yeah! (Watch a Janet video. I dance like that!
Shy?: Occasionally.
Outgoing?: Yep.
A good storyteller?: I am one with the story.


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 04/17/2002.

One Response to “Bombastic Me!!!”

  1. You know, if I had the willpower and initiative, I’d fill that out myself, but too much reading and typing. I’m so lazy these days.

    It sure is one helluva way to get to know someone, eh?

    Talk to you later.

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