Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall… Damn I Sure Look Fine!!

So how are you doing??? Ahhh thats good. (LOL) I am currently working on a new compilation… for the feel good Girl’s Rock genre to appreciate. Here is a list of the top songs on it:
Britney Spears – Boys
Janet Jackson – Nasty
Christina,Pink,Mya,Lil’Kim,Missy – Lady Marmalade
Pink (feat. Scratch) – Respect
Amanda Marshall – Sunday Morning After

So there you have it. The list. By the way, most of the sound clips are Windows Media Audio… the last one is RealAudio-Hi though. I ROCK! LOVE ME! WORSHIP ME! (kidding). This weekend was long… but not long enough! On Friday, Lis, Aaron and I went to Amanda’s for dinner. We made some nummy stir fry and some steak. I think I freaked out Amanda’s sister because I drowned my steak in hot sauce… mmmmmm. Aaron was covering his in Chili powder and red peppers (CRAZY MAN!). It was good though. Then we went for Ice Cream at DQ. Aaron and Amanda had blizzards… how typical. Lis and I both had milkshakes… they were soooo good. Thick, but good. She likes vanilla… I like chocolate. Chocolate is the world’s greatest aphrodesiac aside from Strawberries and whipped cream (which I love too). Cherries work just as well.

Anyway, after dessert, Amanda drove us out to Lis’ where we dutifully fell asleep at 11:00… we were so tired. We really didn’t do much… except we talked to Drew, who was so incredibly shirtless. He scared the living crap out of me! haha. Its okay… Randy that stupid fucked up messed in the goddamn head ASSHOLE sent me a message, and when I got pissed he went off like a raving psycho telling me to stay out of HIS life! I TRIED! RANDY YOU FLAMING FUCKFACE! YOU KEEP COMING BACK INTO MY LIFE! STAY OUT and I hope I NEVER SEE YOUR SORRY FACE AGAIN! He is such an incredibly huge Jackass, posing as an FBI agent and asking me all these fucked up questions. I think the cob webs are a little thick up there, DON’T YOU THINK? No wonder his last girlfriend cheated on him. If I were stuck with Schitzo Bob I would too.

Anyway, I went home, started rearranging my shit so that I can get ready to pack. I’m moving, as you may know. If not… well I am! To live with my Mama. I love her sooooo much. In our family, we aren’t just born of one mother… we’re extentions of one another. Our family is so close its scary. You’d have to use an ice scraper to separate us all… LoL. ANTIFREEZE DOES NOT WORK FOR US! (j/k).
I’m collecting tropical crap for my new room. Its gonna look like Hawaii in my room. I’m buying a garbage can, a brush-holder, a cup, a lotion dispenser and a dish that has little fishies floating around in it… they are so cute. I’m also getting fish-shaped shower treads to put on my wall. I am going all out. I’m also wallpapering my walls with pictures of tropical islands and resorts. I have a whole folder full. I so have to go to Hawaii… it is my dream resort.

FUCKING HELL! Goddamn it, Chris Rife is pissing me off so bad. He just quit smoking and he contributes mouth-fulls of asshole reflex, putting me down and treating me like shit all of a sudden, and he blames it on a monster craving. BULLSHIT! He smoked a Colt that lunchtime. If you’re STILL smoking you CAN’T USE THAT AS AN EXCUSE… not that you could if you’d really quit anyway. Now HE HAS THE AUDACITY TO BE PISSED AT ME? I DON’T THINK SO! I can’t wait to get the fuck out of here. I love my friends and I love this place… and it will always be home to me… but I can’t take the small-town holier-than-thou bullshit drama that comes along with it. YOU’RE NOT HOT SHIT! PEOPLE ONLY LIKE YOU BECAUSE THEY’RE DESPERATE! GET OVER YOURSELF! Chris thinks he’s gonna amount to shit in the music industry. He refers to Slipknot and Tool as influences and he doesn’t even know who influences THOSE BANDS! Excuse me you metalheads with no sense of nostalgia– THERE IS MORE TO METAL MUSIC THAN TRYING TO SCREAM OUT SHIT ABOUT DEATH AND SUICIDE UNTIL THE LINING OF YOUR THROAT LIQUEFIES! YOU GIVE THE GENRE A BAD NAME BY MAKING IT SEEM SO FUCKING SIMPLISTIC! IT TAKES ACTUAL TALENT AND YOU MAKE IT SEEM LIKE A WALK THROUGH A CEMETARY! GET REAL!

I have been holding in a lot of shit, and I normally don’t swear… I just can’t take the crap from all these people without being able to vent. People like me who are sickeningly happy all the time eventually hit a breaking point, and then all hell breaks loose. When I get pissed, the shit really hits the fan… I’m telling you. Anyway… I better go…. I have lots of stuff to do. I have to get my priorities straight in a MAJOR way. Bigtime. I am going to fail accounting if I keep this up. Love ya! Byeeee!



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 04/15/2002.

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