Stuff About Me! (HOW KEEN!)

Current Mood: WIDE AWAKE!!!
Current Music: Beautiful Distraction – Understand
Current Taste: Peaches
Current Hair: Long, straight and dark red (I’m going blonde again soon)
Current Annoyance: Boredom
Current Smell: I can’t smell anything… my nose is all stuffy.
Current thing I ought to be doing: School-work. I HATE ACCOUNTING!
Current Desktop Picture: Plain dark blue. Stupid schools.
Current Favorite Artist: Britney Spears
Current Favorite Group: ‘N Sync
Current Book: Stephen King’s Bag of Bones AND Anne Rice’s The Vampire Lestat
Current DVD In Player: Britney Spears: Live From Las Vegas
Current Color Of Toenails: Purple
Current Refreshment: 7-UP Tropical Splash
Current Worry: If I’m going to ever do my accounting work.
Current Crush: None. I used to like Skyler Sandals… but that was a waste of energy.
Current Favorite Celebrity: Janet Jackson

You Touched: Steven Hawke (hug)
You Talked to: Chris Rife
You Hugged: Stephen Hawke
You Instant messaged: David
You Yelled At: Aaron (for not letting me play my new CD)
You Had A Crush On: Skyler Sandals
Who Broke Your Heart: Raynor Haugan

Food: Pizza!!!
Drink: Pepsi Twist, Tea (Orange Pekoe), 7-UP Tropical Splash, Iced Tea
Color: Blue, Purple and Red
Shoes: Sketchers
Candy: Nestle Turtles
Animal: Teacup Chihuahua’s
TV Show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls
Movie: Where The Heart Is
Song: Its impossible for me to have a favorite
Vegetable: All veggies except for water chestnuts (yuck)
Fruit: Strawberries and Cherries

Understanding: Yes
Open-minded: Yes (I have a radical mind)
Arrogant: No.
Insecure: A little bit.
Interesting: Ask my friends, they seem to think so.
Hungry: No… I had a burrito for lunch (yum).
Friendly: TOTALLY! I LOVE EVERYONE! As long as they aren’t stupid and rude.
Smart: Yes. I love to know stuff. I am down with education.
Moody: Sometimes
Childish: Occasionally
Independent: Yes
Hard working: HAHAHAHAHAAAA!- depends on what it is.
Healthy: Yes.
Emotionally Stable: Yes.
Shy: Hell no.
Difficult: Only about things that I feel strongly about.
Attractive: Don’t ask me that. Ask someone else.
Bored Easily: YESSS! OMG!!!
Messy: … no comment.
Thirsty: YES. I CRAVE H20!!!
Responsible: Always.
Obsessed: <..>….. No.
Angry: Naw.
Sad: Nope.
Trusting: After awhile. Trust is a big thing for me.
Ill: I think I have a cold.
Talkative: Yes.
Original: Always.
Different: Always.
Unique: Always.
Content: Yep.
Optimistic: Of course!!
Deep thinker: Always.
Self-disciplined: Depends on what it is.
Sleepy: No. I slept in. (DAMN YOU DAD!)
Lonely: I’M SINGLE! OF COURSE I GET LONELY! Just not now.

Kill: No. I don’t want to kill anyone.
Look Like: Britney Spears
Be Like: Me. I am unique and I can be nobody else.
Talk To Offline: Shaun.

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 04/11/2002.

One Response to “Stuff About Me! (HOW KEEN!)”

  1. Heh, I found you randomly on livejournal. Anyways, just thought I’d say hi and I don’t know, if you would like to chat with me sometime, you’re more than welcome. Do you have AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)? My screen name there is: lostminded55. Anyways just wanna say hi and yeah.

    Man, I suck.

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