…Was he a ghost? Was he a lie… that made my body laugh and cry???

Good day! 🙂 How are YOU doing? Okay, well today (which has been interesting) I slept in until about 1:00-PM this afternoon, because I was up until 4:00-AM last night playing with a program called Play F*Kiss that I copied off of Tyra’s computer. Its kind-of like playing with paper dolls on a computer… its kinda fun. I’ve been spending a lot of time making charicatures of myself (its kinda creepy when the dolls come naked though, cuz they’re not like barbies… they show ALL your parts… eugh).

I got two other programs off of Tyra’s computer as well (perhaps I should have spent more time looking for programs to swipe!). The first one is called Dance 2 Ejay. I can use sound samples to create full-length club songs! I’m eventually going to get the full version of it so that I can save the songs I make and put them out on the web ;). Its cool, they have different packages! They have ’em for Rave, Breakdancing, Hip-Hop, Dance, Club… I’m not sure how many there are, but I’m getting them all.

The second program is called RecordLab, which is sort-of like a primitive version of Pro-Tools or HitMaster3.0. If you want a great program for creating music the EASY way, get FrootLoops. Its almost EXACTLY like Dance 2 Ejay, except you can pick and choose ANY instrument combination you want, and it comes with a background vocal feature, so that you type in the words of the song, pick the vocal combination, and play around with the pitch to get the voice to sing to the tune you want. Keep in mind that the vocal is BACKGROUND only, so you won’t get frontal vocals (it will be like creating a karaoke track).

Anyway, I have to postpone my craving for downloads… I’ve been cut off until Wednesday because I used 4 hours on Saturday to download Barry’s songs (he calls me up demanding for me to make him a CD… KISS MY ASS!). I have dial-up 56k, only it runs at 28.8… so songs take FOREVER to download. I end up buying the CD’s I got the song from anyway… I don’t like to hurt the integrity of the music industry. I own over 130 CD’s. I use KaZaA to download remixes people have made, TV performances that you can’t get on a CD, and rare/unreleased songs that are otherwise impossible to come by. (Did you know that ‘N Sync has recorded well over 6 dozen songs? Britney Spears has recorded over 4 dozen?? Thats a lot of singing! Britney used to be in a band called Innosense and she is on a song on their album that they decided not to re-record when she quit (prior to the album’s release). The song is called http://www.fan-ta-see.

I went for a walk today… lots of gross old men kept looking at me (barf). Anyway, I’m going to bed now, because I am tired and I have school tommorrow. *SIGH* Goodnight, sweet dreams, let the “bed buds” bite… in all the right places!!!



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 04/07/2002.

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