Hey baby!

Welcome me to LiveJournal! (heehee). I’ll be on later to post all of my quiz results, b/c I’ve been taking all of Jessica‘s quizzes! (teehee). For some strange reason, whenever I take a quiz about being a musician or a famous personality, I always end up being Britney Spears. Maybe it’s just because we have so much in common (hawhaw). Sorry, I’m in a really good mood. I’m at a party with the crew! Everyone is here, but John skipped out b/c he’s a friggin dumbass who would rather drink himself into a stupor than do something interesting and useful.

I also got a DEADJOURNAL account, so don’t hate me… they’ll both look the same, and they’ll probably both have the same entries… (cuz I am wierd). Feel free to reply to my entries… I like to talk to different ppl.

PAYDAY!!! I get $90 today from work (well $70 because my Mom ripped me off of $10 she owed me from last week). I have to pay my bill. I got myself a 10 pack of CD-R’s to burn myself some tunes.I’m also checkin out some fabric for my stage costume Tyra‘s helping me make. (Tyra is also on deadjournal.)Its awesome… I’ll scan it in and put it online sometime. Then when we’re finished making them, I’ll post new pics. Anyhoo I gotta go. Love ya!


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 04/05/2002.

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